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San Diego Cell Phone Accident Lawyers

Victims Injured by a Driver on a Cell Phone

There may be countless distractions competing for a driver’s attention at any given moment on the road‚ but that does not mean that drivers are any less liable in the event of a distracted driving accident. There is no excuse for multi-tasking while driving. In the split-second it may take to glance at a cell phone‚ a motorist can cause a catastrophic collision and even casualties.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a cell phone auto accident, you deserve to have justice. The top San Diego personal injury lawyers at the Jurewitz Law Group have devoted their careers to protecting those who have suffered due to others’ negligence. As a small firm with big resources‚ we can provide the personal attention you need and deserve to recover your rightful compensation. Do not forfeit your right to take legal action by waiting too long. Call us for a no-cost case evaluation at (888) 233-5020 or submit an online contact form.

driver on cell phone

Since it is illegal in California to use a cell phone while driving‚ most drivers will not readily admit that he or she was talking or texting on a cell phone at the time of a collision.

What Damages Can Be Recovered After a San Diego Cell Phone Accident?

While taking legal action may seem unnecessary and inconvenient after an auto crash or the loss of a loved one‚ filing a personal injury or wrongful death case against the negligent driver can provide the financial support you need in your recovery. Money cannot erase the emotional and physical trauma you have suffered‚ but obtaining a significant settlement can ease the costs of the following types of damages:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost current and future wages
  • Rehabilitative care
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship
  • Funeral and burial expenses

Unfortunately‚ accident survivors are often left with serious and life-changing damages‚ but taking legal action may bring a sense of justice in addition to financial relief.

Can You Prove a Driver was Using a Cell Phone while Driving?

In order to prove the at-fault party was responsible for the collision‚ there must be proof that the driver was negligent. It may be in your best interest to contact a legal team that has the resources necessary to investigate the circumstances of the cell phone-related collision on your behalf.

The Jurewitz Law Group has helped numerous clients find success in cell phone accident cases by gathering the following types of evidence:

  • Cell phone records
  • Accident reconstruction reports
  • Police reports
  • Traffic surveillance footage
  • Medical records
  • Witness testimonies

With an experienced attorney on your side‚ it will be possible to gather vital evidence that the negligent driver was breaking the law.

Is it Legal to Use a Hands-Free Cell Phone Behind the Wheel in San Diego?

Studies have found that even hands-free cell phones can be as dangerous and distracting to use on the road as manual texting. While it may not be illegal for drivers ages 18 and older to use hands-free phones behind the wheel in California‚ if an accident occurs as a result of the driver’s inattention‚ the injured party may still be entitled to recover financial reimbursement for his or her losses.

It can be difficult to prove that a driver’s mind was not focused on the road‚ but an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer can build a strong case supported by evidence. Obtaining the at-fault driver’s cell phone records can be particularly valuable in showing that the driver was either visually‚ manually‚ or cognitively distracted behind the wheel. Even if the driver was not breaking any laws by using a hands-free phone while driving does not mean that he or she cannot be held accountable for causing a serious car accident.

San Diego Car Accident Attorneys Protecting Your Right to Compensation

The experienced and compassionate San Diego car accident attorneys at the Jurewitz Law Group can provide the guidance and legal representation you need to overcome the challenges following a cell phone auto accident. If you have been injured or lost a loved one‚ you may be entitled to receive significant financial compensation from the at-fault driver. Do not wait to take action.

Contact our San Diego distracted driving accident lawyers by calling (888) 233-5020 to discuss your legal options. We will work on your behalf to protect your best interests while you focus on your recovery.

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