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If you sustained an injury due to someone else’s negligent actions, contact Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers today. You might be entitled to financial compensation for the expenses resulting from your injury.

There’s no way to prepare for a traumatic incident. The injuries that follow an accident often require medical care. The cost of hospitalization, prescriptions, and ongoing treatment can be a significant expense and lead to crushing debt. You will likely face financial strain if you can’t afford the bills. Additionally, some injuries prevent people from working and earning the income they need to cover their incurred costs.

The long-term consequences of an unexpected injury can be devastating. Whether you got hurt on another person’s dangerous property, at work, or in a car crash, the road to recovery can be long and painful. Seeking treatment while handling an insurance claim is stressful. Balancing the two responsibilities might become overwhelming for you.

The Bakersfield personal injury lawyers of Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers can take over your case so you can focus on what matters – healing your injury and getting your life back on track. We have represented accident victims since 2007. You can count on our personal injury attorneys in Bakersfield, CA, to be your advocate and fight for the maximum compensation you deserve. We will remain by your side until the end.

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    Personal Injury Cases We Handle

    Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers represents injured clients in a range of personal injury cases, such as:

    If someone caused your injury in any of these situations, do not hesitate to contact Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers. We can investigate the incident and obtain the available evidence to prove fault and try to reach a positive result in your case.

    Common Causes of Injuries in Accidents

    A personal injury case involves an injury that arises from another person or a company’s negligence. The injured individual has a right to pursue legal action against the at-fault party for compensation. Various factors can contribute to someone’s injury in an accident. The most common are below.

    Car, Motorcycle, Bicycle, and Pedestrian Accidents

    Collisions between bicyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and cars often happen when someone makes an error. The most common causes of these accidents include:

    • Fatigued driving
    • Speeding
    • Tailgating
    • Driving under the influence
    • Failure to yield the right of way
    • Distracted driving
    • Unsafe lane changes

    Premises Liability

    The dangerous conditions on someone’s property could lead to a visitor’s injury. The property owner must perform maintenance and repairs to avoid accidents or adequately warn guests of any hazards on the property. Anyone could get hurt on commercial or residential property if they’re unaware of the dangers, such as:

    • Collapsing balcony
    • Unstable shelving
    • Loose carpeting
    • Defective stairs
    • Uneven or cracked sidewalk
    • Malfunctioning elevator
    • Damaged or missing railings
    • Slippery or wet floor

    Dog Bite Injuries

    A dog might attack a person if it feels threatened or scared. However, there are times when dogs bite people without provocation. The dog’s owner must keep it restrained to avoid the dog causing harm to others. If someone sustains a dog bite injury, the owner can be liable for the resulting medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses.

    Wrongful Death

    According to California Civil Code § 377.60, wrongful death is the death of a person caused by someone else’s neglect or wrongful act. Anyone’s misconduct can lead to someone’s death in a range of scenarios, including:

    • Childbirth
    • Truck accident
    • Boat accident
    • Premises liability
    • Airplane accident
    • Car crash
    • Elder abuse

    Airplane Accidents

    Accidents involving airplanes often have fatal consequences. Planes crash for many reasons, such as:

    • Pilot error
    • Equipment malfunctioning
    • Failure to follow air traffic control procedures correctly
    • Inclement weather
    • Low fuel
    • Miscommunication between the pilot and tower

    Birth Injuries

    The baby or mother could suffer an injury or medical condition during pregnancy, delivery, or postpartum care. The medical team’s job is to monitor the baby’s and mother’s health and discover potential issues that could harm them. Birth injuries can happen due to a healthcare professional’s negligence, such as:

    • Unnecessary use of vacuum extraction or forceps during delivery
    • Medication errors
    • Failure to detect maternal or fetal distress
    • Delayed decision to perform an emergency Cesarean section
    • Failure to identify a high-risk delivery and create a plan for safe childbirth
    • Pulling or twisting the baby improperly during delivery
    • Inadequate prenatal care

    Child Injuries

    Children can get hurt for the same reasons as adults. Dangers exist everywhere, and an injury can occur under various circumstances, including:

    • Dog bite
    • Fall on someone’s dangerous property
    • Motor vehicle accident
    • Medical provider error

    Boat Accidents

    In 2020, 3,191 people suffered non-fatal injuries, and 767 died in boating accidents. Many boaters have a false sense of safety aboard a vessel. There’s often less traffic on the water than on roadways. Unfortunately, this overconfidence can lead to catastrophic collisions, falls overboard, and other incidents. The most common causes of boat accidents include:

    • Excessive speed
    • Operator error or inattention
    • Defective boat parts
    • Improper lookout
    • Boating under the influence

    Elder Abuse

    Older adults are at risk of abuse by others. The perpetrator is often a trusted family member, caretaker, or friend. Elder abuse is common in community settings, such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Abuse might happen due to factors such as:

    • Understaffed nursing facility
    • Caregiver’s inexperience or psychological issues
    • Negligent hiring of nursing home staff
    • Inadequate training and supervision of nurses, assistants, and other employees

    Brain Injuries

    A blow or jolt to the head can cause a brain injury. The damage often disrupts functioning and can be temporary or permanent. Some people recover with medical treatment, while others suffer ongoing disabilities. Brain injuries commonly occur in accidents involving trauma to the head, such as:

    • Falling down the stairs
    • Car or truck accidents
    • Physical abuse or neglect of an elder
    • A collision between a boat and land, dock, or another vessel

    Truck Accidents

    Commercial trucks can cause serious destruction in accidents with small cars. Tractor-trailers are massive and might contain hazardous materials. Truck drivers and motor carriers must comply with federal and state laws to maintain the vehicles and ensure that truckers arrive safely at their destinations. Truck accidents can happen for numerous reasons, including:

    • Trucking company’s failure to perform background checks on a prospective driver
    • Taking a turn too fast
    • Sudden or incorrect braking
    • Tailgating
    • Failure to inspect, maintain, and repair the truck
    • Failure to check all blind spots before maneuvering
    • Overloading or improperly loading cargo in the trailer

    The Bakersfield personal injury attorneys of Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers are ready to help you hold the negligent party accountable. We will explore the available options and pursue a case against them. Our team has over a decade of experience handling personal injury cases and can represent you against any person or company.

    Common Injuries in Accidents

    Injuries can range from minor to life-threatening. Some accident victims suffer a mild concussion, broken bone, or muscle sprain that fully heals with adequate medical care. Others sustain more severe injuries and permanent damage that requires lifelong treatment to manage pain and other symptoms.

    The most common injuries in personal injury cases include:

    • Internal bleeding
    • Burn injuries
    • Whiplash
    • Organ failure
    • Infections
    • Broken bones
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Traumatic brain injury
    • Psychological or emotional trauma
    • Paralysis
    • Nerve damage
    • Loss of limb or amputation injury
    • Dislocated joint
    • Torn tendons and ligaments
    • Pulled or strained muscles
    • Back and neck injuries

    At Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers, we understand the challenges you face. Accidents interfere with a person’s daily routine and can diminish their quality of life. Our personal injury attorneys in Bakersfield, CA, want to recover the money owed to you for your injury. You should not suffer the burden of expensive medical bills when someone else is at fault for the accident.

    Compensation Available in Personal Injury Cases

    You have two options for pursuing compensation following an accident. You can either file a claim with the negligent party’s insurance company or file a civil lawsuit. Either way, the compensation you receive could compensate you for your accident-related losses, such as:

    • Lost wages
    • Lost earning capacity
    • Pain and suffering
    • Medical expenses
    • Loss of enjoyment of life
    • Emotional distress
    • Physical impairment or disfigurement
    • Property damage

    You might also recover exemplary damages. This type of compensation is available in a personal injury lawsuit. You must show clear and convincing evidence of the defendant’s fraud, oppression, or malice for a jury to award these damages to you.

    Statute of Limitations in Personal Injury

    California follows a two-year statute of limitations for most personal injury cases. That means you have two years from the date of the incident to initiate your lawsuit in civil court. If the statute expires before you file, you will likely lose your right to pursue compensation for your injury through the court system.

    However, certain factors might extend the statute of limitations and give you more time to pursue a lawsuit against the at-fault party. They include:

    • Minority – If you are a minor at the time of the injury, the two-year statute will not start until you turn 18 years old.
    • Legal capacity – If you don’t have the legal capacity to make decisions (if you are of unsound mind, for example), you have two years from the date you gain mental competency to initiate your lawsuit.
    • Delayed discovery – Sometimes, a person might not know that they sustained an injury or that the incident is due to someone’s negligence until years later. The statute doesn’t begin to run until the date the injured party discovers or should have discovered that their injury resulted from someone else’s actions.

    The statute of limitations provides a limited period for filing a lawsuit. You should start preparing your case immediately after the accident. Even if you choose to file an insurance claim first, unforeseen obstacles could delay the process. Making sure to file your lawsuit within the statutory period will preserve your right to pursue your lawsuit against the at-fault party if the insurance company denies your claim.

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