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Motorcycle Accidents

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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in San Diego

Benefits of Pursuing a Motorcycle Accident Claim

Motorcyclists across the state of California know that a motorcycle offers an incomparable, thrilling travel experience, and is a remarkable way to view the beautiful scenery and sights of the Golden State. But, despite the extraordinary experience a motorcycle provides, these vehicles require skilled, responsible handling and defensive driving in order to avoid a serious accident.

If you own and ride a motorcycle, you’d be well-advised to verse yourself in the facts and figures of being a defensive motorcycle rider. Statistics show that there is much more to riding a motorcycle than just being on the street on two wheels.

Those who ride motorcycles face a much higher risk of injury from an accident than drivers of passenger vehicles. While a slight bump between two motor vehicles can be waved off as a mere fender-bender, the slightest impact or bump involving a motorcycle can be serious, even deadly. Numerically speaking, more than 80% of all reported motorcycle accidents result in injury or death to the rider. If you've been seriously hurt in a crash, contact a San Diego motorcycle accident attorney at Jurewitz Law Group. Call (888) 233-5020 for a free consultation.

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Why Motorcycle Accidents Have a Higher Rate of Injury

It is not random happenstance that motorcycle riders are more prone to injury. On the contrary, there are factors in the essential makeup and design of a motorcycle that make its rider more vulnerable in an accident. Here are several key factors that make injury or death more likely for motorcycle riders:

  • A motorcycle has no encasement to protect the rider or passenger.
  • If a motorcycle comes to a sudden stop and the rider is ejected, he will most likely strike objects in the path as well as the ground. Even hitting the ground and receiving road rash can be cause for a hospital visit.

Why Motorcycle Accidents Are More Serious

By their very nature, motorcycle accidents tend to be more serious (and therefore more expensive). They also mean much longer rehabilitation periods, and more chances that the victim may not have a fully successful recovery. According to a comprehensive insurance industry survey, the following were found to be true:

  • 23% of motorcycle claimants have injuries in multiple locations
  • 18% suffer head injuries, including closed head injuries, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and minor traumatic brain injury (MTBI) with permanent disability
  • 10% of claimants have injuries to the back or spine, a frequent cause of paraplegia or quadriplegia

It takes a lot of skill to ride a motorcycle without accident or injury. You must learn how to drive defensively and always be on your guard. A split second’s hesitation or poor decision could put you in a life-threatening situation.

What Are the Risks of Riding a Motorcycle?

Motorcycle accidents occur for a variety of reasons. These causes can be an at-fault driver, the motorcyclist himself, or factors only in the control of the government entity that manages the road or the manufacturer of the motorcycle. These causes include:

  • Road design that falls below safety standards or that has grown obsolete and outmoded due to current highway usage statistics
  • Poor road conditions or negligent maintenance of the road
  • Mechanical failures on the motorcycle
  • A driver of another car or motor vehicle being negligent or careless
  • Negligent motorcycle design creating a defective vehicle
  • Shoddy or poor repair work done by a mechanic on the motorcycle

Recent statistics show that the vast majority of multiple-vehicle traffic accidents involving motorcycles - over 80% in fact - are not the motorcyclist’s fault. Most often, the motorcycle accident is caused by an inattentive driver who does not see the motorcyclist until it is too late, or a car driver who turns either directly in front of the motorcycle in a left-hand turn or who follows the biker too closely and then runs into the rear of the bike.

Unfortunately, motorcyclists are often at the mercy of these careless drivers.

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Before hitting the road, make sure you take serious safety precautions.

  1. Wear the safest helmet and protective gear that you can afford, whether the state requires you to or not.
  2. Get the proper training before getting your license and refresh your skills often.
  3. Take your motorcycle in for tune-ups and checkups to make sure it is in proper working order.
  4. Do research before you buy a motorcycle and make sure that it fits your needs and you are able to maneuver it properly.
  5. Get anti-lock brakes installed or purchase another bike that has them.
  6. Never ride if you have been drinking or using drugs.
  7. Don't ride beyond your skill level.
  8. Know the safety guidelines for motorcyclists in your state.
  9. Never speed or weave carelessly between other cars or bikes.
  10. Never tailgate vehicles.
  11. Slow down during bad weather or postpone your riding plans until the weather improves.
  12. Never customize your motorcycle in a way that might compromise your safety or violate laws.

Because of the increasing popularity of riding motorcycles, accidents and fatalities are on the rise. It's clear that car drivers need to take the proper safety precautions and be aware of bikes out on the road.

What Types of Compensation Can I Receive for a Motorcycle Accident?

The accident-related expenses a rider can incur can be quite costly, but a motorcyclist can receive several different types of compensation to lessen the financial burden. The purpose of this compensation is to aid the motorcyclist in rebuilding his life.

The first type of compensation that can be awarded is economic damages, which are easily calculated from documents and records. These include lost wages (past and future), medical bills and expenses, and property damage. The second type of compensation is non-economic damages, which are for the injured party's pain and suffering.

The financial strain of a motorcycle accident can feel overwhelming, but a San Diego accident attorney can get you the money you need to recover and get back on your bike.

downed motorcycle

The biggest mistake injured motorcyclists make is thinking that a motorcycle accident claim is just like an auto accident claim and any lawyer can handle their case.

Rebuilding Your Life After an Accident in San Diego

The impact a motorcycle accident has on a person's life can be very serious, and getting back to the life he or she loves can take a great deal of time and patience. The motorcycle accident attorneys at Jurewitz Law Group recognize the tremendous obstacles riders face following an accident and are dedicated to obtaining the compensation needed to get them back on their feet and two wheels. Our legal team has years of experience helping injured Californians, which has earned us a track record of successful results. A motorcycle accident claim can be difficult, but with our professional assistance, your recovery does not have to be. Call our San Diego or Carlsbad offices to schedule a free consultation today.

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