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Bone Injuries and Fractures from Auto Accidents

Bone fractures are caused by a high force impact or stress‚ a factor common in many types of accidents‚ but none more common than a car crash. Suffering bone fractures in a crash can quickly lead to serious complications for a victim as he or she attempts to recover fully while also coping with the effects the injuries have had on physical capabilities‚ employment‚ and financial stability. At the Jurewitz Law Group‚ our San Diego car accident lawyers are dedicated to protecting the rights of victims and educating residents of the dangers of bone fracture injuries.

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Surgeries‚ medication‚ casts‚ and implants may be needed to help a victim recover from their bone fracture and to help the bone heal correctly.

What Are Common Types of Fractures?

Fractures can be suffered by any bone in the body (including the foot‚ elbow‚ and vertebrae) but there are many types of fractures‚ each with their own complications and medical needs. The damage caused and the treatment that will be needed depends directly on both what type of fracture was suffered and where in the body the injury occurred.

  • Simple: Can be complete‚ where the bone fragments separate completely‚ or incomplete where the fragments are still partially joined.
  • Compound: A broken bone separates from the rest of the bone and penetrates the skin.
  • Greenstick: An incomplete fracture where the bone is bent but not broken‚ most often suffered by children due to soft bones.
  • Comminuted: The bone is fractured in several bone fragments‚ which may become loose in the body.
  • Impacted: The bone is broken in two‚ with one end of the broken bone driven into the other.

Complications from a Bone Fracture in a San Diego Car Accident

Bone fractures can easily result in many complications beyond the breaking of the bone. Major blood vessels‚ muscles‚ joints‚ and tendons can be damaged by the broken bone‚ with infections and long-term injuries resulting. Often‚ the victim will have to cope with serious pain while the bone heals. Although a victim may make a full recovery‚ during the healing process‚ he or she may suffer from a major loss of physical capabilities‚ which can directly impact their ability to work and emotional wellbeing.

Skilled San Diego Car Accident Bone Fracture Lawyers Dedicated to Your Rights

The San Diego bone fracture attorneys at the Jurewitz Law Group have been protecting the rights of innocent victims for years‚ giving us the skills and resources needed to provide successful legal representation. Not only that‚ but we understand the complexities and losses that result from a wide variety of injury accidents. As such‚ we will ensure that proper evidence is restored and gathered to support in building an effective case on your behalf. For more information on how we can help you obtain the compensation that you deserve from negligent parties‚ call (619) 233-5020 or (888) 233-5020.

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