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San Diego Airport Shuttle Accident Lawyers

Legal Help After an Airport Shuttle Accident

Traffic accidents involving airport and commuter shuttles can be very severe because the Ford 15-passenger vans are heavy and distribute great force.

The unexpected nature of any type of accident that causes injury often puts a person’s life on hold. Recovering physically and emotionally typically also comes with significant financial strain due to medical bills‚ lost wages‚ and other economic damages. When negligence leads to a commuter shuttle accident‚ the challenging road ahead may also involve protecting your rights and proving fault so that rightful compensation can be obtained to help you move forward with life.

At the Jurewitz Law Group‚ our San Diego car accident lawyers have years of experience and a successful track record. We have handled numerous motor vehicle accident cases and have the legal resources and knowledge to hold major companies and businesses‚ and even government entities‚ liable for reckless behavior that causes injury. For more information about how we can help‚ please call (888) 233-5020 or (619) 233-5020 for a free consultation.

Pedestrians‚ motorists‚ and even their own passengers can be injured if an airport shuttle is involved in an accident.

Who is Responsible in an Airport Shuttle Accident in San Diego?

If you are driving and cause the commuter shuttle collision‚ you probably won’t be able to recover from the shuttle company for your injuries. If‚ however‚ the commuter shuttle driver was the at-fault party‚ you will be able to file a claim and will probably be successful in recovering compensation for your medical expenses‚ lost wages‚ and other damages you may have suffered.

It is a different story if you are injured while riding in a commuter shuttle. Commuter shuttle companies‚ like all other public transportation systems‚ are considered “common carriers‚” which means they have a heightened duty to ensure the safety of their passages during the ride. Any injuries that you may sustain from riding in a commuter shuttle will be paid by the shuttle company if they are found to have breached their duty of “utmost care” to their passengers.

Risks of Injury & Recovery

Commuter shuttles are beneficial in taking people where they need to go. In San Diego‚ that is most commonly to Lindbergh Field through a San Diego International Airport shuttle from Cloud 9‚ SuperShuttle‚ or any of the other airport shuttles that take travelers to their flights. These commuter shuttle companies usually operate Ford 15-passenger vans that can hold a large amount of people‚ making them useful for passengers and decreasing traffic on the road. However‚ commuter shuttles can cause disastrous injuries due to their large sizes. If you are injured in an accident involving a commuter shuttle‚ will be best to consult with an experienced San Diego airport shuttle accident lawyer in order to help settle your claim.

Common injuries stemming from commuter shuttle accidents include the following:

Recovery from these injuries as well as many others may take months‚ if not years; therefore‚ drastically impacting an injury victim’s life and the lives of his or her family members.

Our San Diego Airport Shuttle Accident Lawyers Protect Your Rights

If you have suffered an injury from a commuter shuttle accident‚ make sure to consult with an attorney immediately. Fortunately‚ the San Diego personal injury lawyers at the Jurewitz Law Group are experienced injury attorneys. We have represented quite a few commuter shuttle clients in the past‚ and were able to get them favorable settlements. If you or someone you know is ever involved in a commuter shuttle crash‚ please call our office at (888) 233-5020 for a free consultation.

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