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Accidents on Dangerous Roads

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that a motor vehicle collision occurs in any part of the world every 60 seconds‚ resulting in more than 5 million crashes each year. Traffic accidents are a common and very devastating occurrence‚ and collisions can be caused by a number of different factors‚ such as driver negligence. However‚ a number of drivers each year are injured in a crash due to no fault of their own.

With more than 100 million licensed drivers in the U.S.‚ it is imperative that the nation’s roadways are properly maintained and that state and city governments provide safe streets and highways for people to travel on. But when those responsible for the upkeep of the roadways are negligent‚ a dangerous collision may occur and seriously injure those involved.

Anyone injured in a crash caused by an unsafe roadway may want to contact a hazardous roadways lawyer to make sure any at-fault parties are held accountable.

busy freeway in San Diego

Hazardous roadway conditions are a frequent factor in traffic accidents every year.

Who Can be Held Liable for a Hazardous Roadways in San Diego?

In a crash caused by another person‚ it is typically clear who the at-fault party is and who will be responsible for giving you compensation to pay for any vehicle damage and personal injuries you sustain. However‚ when a crash is caused by a hazardous roadway condition‚ who is supposed to pay? In the state of California‚ the Department of Transportation is responsible for keeping roads throughout the Golden State safe and free from hazardous conditions‚ but with the roads in California consistently under repair and construction‚ drivers are at risk for a serious accident far too often.

A San Diego personal injury lawsuit can be brought against the designers and/or the maintainers of the public roadways‚ essentially the state or city government who oversees the roadway. A person must prove that the roadway significantly contributed to the accident in order to successfully win their case‚ which can be difficult. Seeking assistance from an experienced San Diego hazardous roadway accident attorney who can consult with experts and gather evidence can help you hold the government entity responsible.

Types of Hazardous Conditions

A number of different roadway conditions can put the occupants of a vehicle in danger. Each state’s Department of Transportation is responsible for maintaining safe road conditions for the many motorists who make use of the roadways and highways on a daily basis. However‚ due to tighter budgets and various forms of negligence‚ the following are some examples of dangerous road conditions that may exist when the roads are not properly maintained:

  • Lighting: Inadequate lighting may make it more difficult for a driver to see other landmarks‚ pedestrians‚ signs‚ or even vehicles.
  • Pavement: Potholes‚ bumps‚ changes in texture‚ drop-offs‚ or any other substandard patches of pavement can make driving conditions dangerous for a motorist.
  • Road rails: Road rails‚ or guard rails‚ are meant to keep vehicles safely on the road. However‚ improperly installed road rails can present a hazard to drivers‚ as well as a lack of a road rail.
  • Road construction: Debris from road construction or lanes being closed off without ample warning to drivers can cause a serious crash to occur.
  • Bad roads: A “bad” road can include the design‚ width of lanes‚ angle of curves‚ and general wear and tear of the road itself.
  • Traffic signs and signals: If a sign or traffic signal is blocked and poorly visible‚ or if the latter is not properly functioning‚ a traffic accident is very likely to occur.

San Diego Hazardous Roadway Accident Attorneys Provide Exceptional Legal Representation for Injured Victims

An auto accident is one of the most devastating things a person may experience in their lifetime. If a person is seriously injured in a crash‚ they may be left with mounting medical bills and an extensive recovery time‚ which can greatly complicate the recovery process. Though the thought of bringing a lawsuit against the state or city government may seem very daunting‚ it is important to know that you have legal rights if their negligence is what caused your accident. At the Jurewitz Law Group‚ our knowledgeable San Diego car accident lawyers are committed to protecting the rights of accident victims and will work diligently to ensure any at-fault parties are held liable. Call our offices at (619) 233-5020 or (888) 233-5020 for a free consultation.

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