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Our Record of Success

After an accident, you’re almost always better off when you have a lawyer. On average, being represented by an attorney will get you 3.5 times more settlement money. Lots of clients come to us after trying to deal with the insurance adjuster themselves. Guess what? They’re stressed out, frustrated, and discouraged with the whole process.

The insurance companies, even their own, don’t want to pay a fair value for the expenses and inconvenience that the accident caused. Why should they? They get more money for their shareholders by screwing you over. But we say, “That’s not how this is gonna work.”

You Can See The Results

Did you know that 85% of everything paid out by insurance companies goes to clients represented by a lawyer?

Insurance Research Council

Jurewitz Law Group | Injury & Accident Lawyers

The Jurewitz Law Group | Injury & Accident Lawyers has been representing injured people versus insurance companies since 2000. Unlike other law firms who claim to be personal injury specialists, we only represent personal injury clients. We are also one of the most technologically advanced personal injury law firms and are constantly innovating to create a better client experience.

From Our Clients

No words can begin to describe the relief I feel to be able to pay my medical bills and continue on with my life with a fresh new start. The fact that there is absolutely nothing lingering over my head makes me incredibly happy.

- Joshua H.
Motorcycle Accident Victim

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