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    Helping Clients Suffering Paralysis After a Car Crash

    While many walk away with little or no injuries from car accidents‚ there are many more who suffer immediate injuries that permanently change their lives. Among these injuries‚ suffering paralysis can have a huge impact on a victim‚ as even small details of everyday life may be affected by becoming paralyzed. The San Diego paralysis lawyers at the Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers understand the devastating nature of becoming paralyzed in a collision and the many circumstances that may lead to a paralysis-causing car crash. For the wellbeing of all California residents‚ we seek to inform everyone‚ whether or not they have fallen victim to such injuries‚ of the nature of these accidents and what actions may be taken to recover.

    Coping with Paralysis

    Paralysis can be caused by many different injuries and illnesses‚ however‚ during a car crash‚ it is often due to nerve damage‚ with spinal cord injuries causing the most widespread damage. Depending on the type and location of the injury‚ a victim may experience complete paralysis that inhibits both motor control and feeling or incomplete paralysis that does not completely stop all feeling or movement. Paralysis can occur in single limbs if the nerves in the limb have been severely damaged‚ or it can affect both legs (paraplegia) or all four limbs (quadriplegia) if the spinal cord is damaged.

    Unfortunately‚ many forms of paralysis can never be completely healed‚ even through extensive surgery. As such‚ physical rehabilitation can teach victims how to cope with their limitations and regain as much of their abilities as possible. Additionally‚ vocational rehabilitation can teach victims new skills to be used in a different occupation should the abilities that were needed for their job no longer be possible. With proper care‚ a victim can increase their quality of life to as high of a level as possible with their paralysis.

    The Emotional Impact of Paralysis

    While the physical losses experienced because of paralysis can be incredibly difficult‚ the emotional impact of paralysis can be just as great. Suffering a paralyzing injury can occur in an instant‚ with victims having no chance to understand their injury before they have begun to experience their losses. This sudden loss of capabilities can cause a victim to experience any and all emotions ranging from denial to anger to depression‚ with acceptance of their losses possibly not occurring for a long time. Receiving therapy to cope with the emotional trauma of paralysis is just as important as physical rehabilitation‚ as the mental anguish caused by injuries can damage a victim’s career‚ relationships‚ and overall quality of life.

    San Diego Car Accident Lawyers Finding Success in Your Search for Compensation

    The San Diego car accident attorneys at the Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers have years of experience protecting the rights of victims injured in a wide variety of accidents and suffering many different types of trauma. As such‚ we have the skills and resources built up from years of success needed to find fair and full compensation for your losses in insurance company negotiation and any trials that may be needed. For more information on how we can aid you in your search for compensation and help you cope with your losses‚ call (888) 233-5020.

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