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San Diego Car Accident Attorneys

Assisting Car Accident Victims

Countless San Diego residents have come to the legal team at the Jurewitz Law Group in their time of need and received successful representation. With the help of car accident attorney Ross Jurewitz, you can show the losses you have suffered, prove fault, and gain compensation to cover loss of income and the expensive medical procedures you need to heal. A free consultation is available to anyone who dials (619) 233-5020, which will give you greater insight into your case and legal options.

In the wake of a car accident, survivors who have experienced serious physical and financial losses will need the help of a skilled personal injury attorney to find success in the recovery process.

Who Might Be At Fault for Your Losses?

What you may not initially realize is that there is a wide range of possibilities concerning who may be responsible for your crash.

Negligent Drivers

Most commonly, reckless drivers are responsible for crashes, although there are many different types of reckless behavior. Speeding, changing lanes without checking, running red lights, and driving while distracted are only some of the actions that can lead to any type of crash and cause many different types of injuries.

Agencies and Organizations

Beyond single drivers, various organizations may be responsible for a crash. City and state government agencies that do not properly design or maintain roads can be held accountable for crashes. Often, broken streets or confusing designs can lead to losses of control or major mistakes that result in serious injuries.

Automobile Manufacturers

In other cases, an auto manufacturer may have created defective auto parts that put vehicle occupants at risk. These parts, such as failing tires and leaking tanks, can be the cause of a crash or worsen the potential effects of a crash.

In the wake of an auto accident, it is vital to determine who exactly is responsible for your crash and the resulting damage. Through investigation and the collection of evidence, the person or entity at fault can be held liable. Importantly, there may be multiple parties responsible, such as reckless drivers who caused the crash and the makers of failing air bags that worsened injuries.

How Can You Recover from a Crash?

Because of the severe impact of car crashes, anyone involved is at a high likelihood of suffering severe losses. In the wake of an accident, emergency medical care may be needed to tend to a survivor’s wounds, determine the extent of injuries, and prevent him or her from worsening to the point of death.

But physical injuries are not the only loss that a crash survivor often feels in the wake of an accident. Medical procedures, vehicle damage, and the inability to work while injured can create a major financial burden that may continue to pile up during the following months and even years if not mitigated.

However, through an insurance claim or court case, you can prove that you were injured in a crash, that the crash was the fault of the responsible party, and that you are owed compensation to deal with your losses. But be aware, at-fault parties and their insurance companies will work to prevent litigation from harming their financial wellbeing and profits. A successful case will involve representation from a successful and experienced attorney who has a clear goal in mind concerning the recovery of a victim, and an evidence-based strategy that refutes the claims of the at-fault party. Through your compensation, you can have help living a fulfilling life for years to come.

Skilled and Experienced Aid in the Recovery Process

It is an unfortunate reality that legal action is often the only way to find justice and gain the financial compensation you deserve to recover properly from the losses experienced in a car crash. If you or a loved one has been harmed in an accident that was caused by another person or organization’s negligent or wrongful actions, get in touch with highly experienced attorney Ross Jurewitz. Those who have caused your accident and the insurance companies responsible for paying for your losses will try their best to avoid giving you compensation. Do not let yourself continue to suffer the physical and financial losses that have been caused by another person’s wrongful actions. Call the Jurewitz Law Group at (619) 233-5020 and begin your path to recovery with a no-cost consultation today.

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Call the Jurewitz Law Group at (619) 233-5020 and begin your path to recovery with a no-cost consultation today.

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