It is a parent’s worst nightmare – an injured child. Broken bones are extremely painful and pose serious health risks for children‚ particularly in compound fractures. Children can break bones while playing sports‚ in a bicycle accident‚ at parks‚ at school‚ in a vehicle accident‚ or in many other situations. In some cases‚ the accident is the direct result of an act of negligence. The negligent act could be a failure to supervise‚ dangerous driving conduct‚ or a person who has put a child into a dangerous situation. If your child has suffered a broken bone‚ it is important that you seek advice from a qualified San Diego personal injury attorney with a track record of success in child injury cases.

Child Injuries and Liability: Broken Bones

In many cases‚ once the situation has been investigated‚ it comes to light that the injury occurred due to a failure to provide adequate supervision. Children take risks‚ but cannot be held accountable as they have not yet reached an age in which they are capable of exercising good judgment. Any child who is playing at a park‚ plays sports‚ or attending school or after-school activities must be supervised‚ for their own safety.

When public school personnel have failed to provide adequate supervision for children under their care‚ it is often possible to recover financial compensation by filing an injury claim. As with all governmental agencies‚ there is limited time available in which to file a claim. It is vital that your claim is filed within the time limits of the law. You have only six months in which to file a form to initiate the process. We can help.

Negligence in Child Broken Bone Cases

The process of filing an injury claim or lawsuit involves establishing that negligence was the underlying reason your child was injured. Whether your child suffered a broken bone in a slip and fall‚ in an auto accident‚ or in any other situation or location‚ a full investigation into the facts should take place as early as possible. At Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers‚ we have extensive knowledge of the legal processes associated with personal injury cases‚ and we offer a free case evaluation to assist you. All of our cases are taken on a contingency basis – you will owe no legal fees unless we are successful in recovering compensation.

Types of Fractures

A fractured bone is not a minor injury. Although children heal well‚ a broken bone takes time to knit. There are several types of fractures‚ some of which are more serious than others:

  • Greenstick fractures: This is a break on only one side of the bone.
  • Torus fractures: These fractures occur when the bone has been twisted through pressure. The bone is not broken‚ but is damaged.
  • Bend fractures: The bone has bent‚ causing damage‚ but is not actually broken.
  • Complete fractures: The bone is completely broken.
  • Open or compound fractures: The bone has broken the skin‚ leaving it more prone to serious infection.
  • Closed fractures: The skin is intact.
  • Growth-plate fractures: These are considered much more serious‚ as the break affects the area of the bone that regulates growth. If not treated correctly‚ bone development may be affected.

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At Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers‚ we spend much of our time working with families who have injured children. We are very familiar with filing injury claims in a range of situations‚ and offer our help to families who have a child with an injury involving broken bones. We can evaluate your case at no cost‚ and never charge legal fees unless we successfully recover financial compensation. Call our San Diego child injury lawyers now at (619) 233-5020 or (888) 233-5020 for representation that you can trust to go the distance for you and your child.

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