During summer and spring, millions of people across the country take to the roads on their bicycles. The fresh air and feeling of freedom can be hard to avoid for many, but unfortunately, some motorists fail to pay attention to bicyclists. Despite the fact that the law requires drivers to share the road with bicyclists, many drivers still insist on ignoring traffic signals, drinking, making illegal turns, and text messaging. When a driver engages in these behaviors, the chance of a bike collision increases drastically.

Bicyclists can sustain severe and sometimes fatal injuries in an accident, but the most common injuries are broken and fractured bones. Since bicyclists do not share the same protection as motorists, they are particularly susceptible to these types of injuries, especially if they are thrown from the bicycle. A bicyclist can sustain a broken bone even if he or she wears the proper protective gear.

Most Common Injuries

Since bicyclists do not have the luxury of riding in an enclosed vehicle, they are especially susceptible to certain types of injuries. When a motorist and a bicyclist collide, the bicyclist is most likely to break bones in the following body parts.

  • Wrist and hand
  • Thigh
  • Skull
  • Collar

If a bicyclist is unlucky enough to sustain an injury to the skull, he or she could also be facing the prospect of damage to the brain or spinal cord. When the brain sustains a high-impact injury, hemorrhaging and permanent damage can occur. These conditions can easily result in death or a permanent loss of cognitive functioning.

Additional Legal Issues

Contrary to popular belief, certain types of fractures cannot heal on their own, and the victim may need invasive surgery to repair them. These surgeries can cost an astronomical sum of money, and place a huge financial burden on the victim. No one should have to experience this financial strain, especially if a negligent driver caused your injury. Legal issues can also become more complicated if you were involved in a hit and run, the driver was intoxicated, or the driver was operating a vehicle with a suspended license.

Learn More

If you have sustained a broken bone in a bicycle accident, we would love to review the details of your case. No one should have to suffer on behalf of another person’s negligent behavior, especially when drivers have an obligation to check for bicyclists and share the highway. To learn more about bicycle accidents, contact the San Diego bicycle accident broken bones lawyers at the Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers now. We can be reached at (888) 233-5020.

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