Breaking a bone is a normal part of childhood for many people. Children are typically lighthearted with happy-go-lucky spirits, which can lead to unintentional reckless behavior and result in injuries. Though they may not be life threatening, it’s still difficult to see a child go through the pain of broken bones. It’s also cause for concern when there is potential for the child to suffer from malformed bones or permanent damage to their skeletal structure. But for the most part, beyond it being an unfortunate occurrence, parents might not think too much about their child sustaining a broken bone. However, that drastically changes when there is knowledge or suspicion of someone else inflicting the harm, whether it’s on purpose or due to negligence.

When this is the case for Encinitas children, their rights must be protected. Parents should come together with legal counsel to hold the other party responsible and fight for the appropriate restitution.

Common Broken Bone Injuries in Children

As children continue to grow, their bones remain in a fragile state. This means the risk of breaking one is never too far away. Of course, it’s possible for a child to break any bone in their body, but the most common injuries usually occur in the legs, arms, fingers, wrists, and collarbone.

Types of Bone Fractures

Depending on the incident that caused it to happen, there are several different types of bone fractures that can take place. Some end up only needing minimal time and treatment to heal, while others are much more serious and require extensive medical attention and have long-lasting effects. Here are some examples of bone fracture injuries commonly suffered by children:

• Hairline fractures are a partial break from repeated stress in one area
• Simple fractures refer to a bone broken in one spot only
• Greenstick fractures are caused by a bone bending and are most often seen in children
• Buckle fractures are also common in children, and it’s where one end of a bone buckles in on itself
• Compound fractures are identified by an open wound with the bone sticking out of the skin
• Comminuted fractures mean the bone has broken into several pieces

What to Do When a Child is Hurt

It’s especially difficult to discover that harm has been inflicted on a child by someone who was trusted to take care of them, by a defective product, or from some other avoidable situation. Under these circumstances, it’s critical to seek help from an attorney right away who can advise you on filing a claim, guide you through the process, and work hard to ensure your family receives the compensation they deserve.

When you need the help of an Encinitas child injury lawyer that you can count on to take a vested interest in the welfare of your child, contact the experienced attorneys at Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers. We can be reached at (888) 233-5020.

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