Premises Liability Lawsuit Against Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is a chain of membership only‚ warehouse type stores‚ owned and operated by Walmart and named after Walmart founder‚ Sam Walton. These stores carry a wide variety of products sold in bulk for additional savings to customers. With hundreds of locations in the U.S.‚ Mexico‚ Brazil‚ and China‚ Sam’s Club sales reached $57.157 billion in a recent year.

Like all warehouse stores‚ Sam’s Club stores can be dangerous. With high customer volume‚ small aisles‚ stacked merchandise in displays‚ and untrained or inexperienced employees operating equipment‚ accidents can be difficult to avoid.

If you have been injured in a Sam’s Club because of a dangerous condition in the store‚ the best thing to do is to consult with a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible after the accident. At Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers‚ our San Diego injury lawyers know California premises liability law. We can tell you if you have a case and provide high quality representation in a claim against Sam’s Club for compensation.

Factors Contributing to Accidents in Sam’s Club Stores

Several factors combine to make premises liability accidents more likely in Sam’s Club than in many other types of stores. The high volume of customers shopping during peak times makes it difficult to navigate through the aisles. The displays are actually stacks of merchandise that can be knocked over‚ or from which items can fall‚ striking and injuring customers. Employees move merchandise around using heavy equipment.

Sam’s Club employees are given more responsibility than employees in some other stores but are not paid high wages. This can result in high employee turnover and make it difficult to hire the best candidates. Employees may be inexperienced or untrained and neglect to follow company policy designed to prevent hazardous conditions and accidents in the stores.

Sam’s Club Premises Liability Lawsuits

Sam’s Club is owned by Walmart‚ and Walmart’s teams of attorneys fight hard when a lawsuit is filed against the company. In a premises liability claim against Sam’s Club‚ you need attorneys who are equally powerful‚ and willing to fight hard for your rights and interests. Injured customers have sued and won against Sam’s Club‚ including the following examples:

  • An elderly woman was bumped by a pallet cart while shopping at a Sam’s Club in Florida‚ which caused her to fall to the ground‚ hurting her back and wrists. She had surgery on both her wrists and her back as a result of her injuries in Sam’s Club. The jury found the woman only 2% responsible for the accident and awarded $789‚000 in damages.
  • At a Sam’s Club in New Jersey‚ employees stacked a woman’s cart so high that she could not see over the top. As a result‚ she crashed her cart into another woman shopper‚ who suffered a severe laceration of the leg and was confined to a wheelchair because of the injury. The jury found Sam’s Club 70% responsible for the accident (the woman pushing the cart was partially responsible) and awarded $1 million to the injured shopper.

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