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Legal Help for People Injured on Construction Sites

Working construction is one of the more dangerous jobs in the United States. This is definitely true for California‚ and every year‚ countless accidents‚ many of them severe‚ occur on construction sites throughout the state. Unlike colder regions‚ Southern California’s construction is a year-round activity.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics‚ one out of every five workplace fatalities in 2015 took place on a construction site‚ for a total of 937 victims. Fatal injuries in the private construction industry rose 4%‚ and the numbers have been steadily ticking up for years. Overall‚ there are around 150‚000 construction-related injuries annually‚ and one in ten construction workers will be hurt every year.

Common Construction Accidents

Because of the nature of their employment‚ construction workers are especially vulnerable to injuries on the job. Construction sites have a great deal of people on location‚ with heavy equipment‚ tools‚ and materials stacked all around. Dangers are lurking around every corner‚ so it’s of the utmost importance for a construction company to have a clear set of guidelines for all dangerous activities‚ comprehensive training procedures‚ and well-marked signage for any potential hazards.

Common accidents include:

  • Falls from height‚
  • Slip-and-falls
  • Electrocutions‚
  • Falling objects or debris‚
  • Fires‚
  • Explosions‚
  • Getting a body part caught in machinery‚ and
  • Collisions with vehicles.

The most-often fatal of these accidents are known as the “Fatal Four.” Falls from height account for the most deaths by far‚ with 364 out of the 937 total deaths in 2015 resulting from falls. Next in line: being struck by objects (90 total deaths)‚ electrocutions (81)‚ and being caught in between two large objects (67).

Because these accidents are so common‚ it’s easier to make a case for negligence‚ since construction companies are well aware of the dangers posed by these situations. However‚ no matter what type of accident you have suffered‚ if it can be proven that another party was negligent‚ then you deserve to be fully compensated for your injuries.

What Compensation Can Workers Get After Workplace Injuries?

The majority of construction site accidents happen to employees or subcontractors of the construction company. When an injury takes place at work‚ employees are entitled to file for workers’ compensation benefits under the California Workers’ Compensation Act. The scope of this act is quite large‚ and includes injuries that are suffered on the job‚ as well any occupational diseases that result from the course of employment. It does not matter who caused the accident. In fact‚ even if an employee is totally at fault for his own injury‚ he still has a right to receive workers’ compensation.

The drawback to the Workers’ Compensation Act is that it prevents employees from suing their employers for an on-the-job injury‚ except in specific circumstances. This is true even if the company or a supervisor was the cause of the accident. In addition‚ if the injury is serious‚ the benefits provided by workers’ compensation may not be enough.

Fortunately‚ it is possible for injured workers to file claims against third parties who were at fault for a workplace accident. This is especially applicable to construction sites‚ where many different companies‚ vendors‚ and products are actively involved. If it can be proven that a third party was partially or entirely at fault for an accident‚ the victim could receive far greater compensation.

You Need an Advocate Who Understands California Workers’ Comp Laws

If you or a loved one has been injured on a construction site in the Carlsbad area‚ it doesn’t matter if you were an employee of the company or just an innocent bystander. You need a Carlsbad personal injury attorney who can fight for your rights. The experienced attorneys at Jurewitz Law Group have the expertise and resources to secure you the best possible outcome. Call us today at (888) 233-5020 to schedule a free consultation.

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