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When it comes to dog bites in California‚ even the picturesque community of Carlsbad is no stranger to trouble. NBC 7 recently highlighted San Diego’s growing problem and provided stats for the surrounding counties with the most dog bites. According to the San Diego County Animal Services‚ between July of 2012 and 2013‚ the city of Carlsbad had roughly 109 reported dog bites. These are troubling numbers.

Negligent dog owners‚ who allow their out of control pets to run loose along Carlsbad beaches‚ boardwalks‚ and neighborhoods‚ are everyone’s problem – not just the victim’s or the police. If you’ve encountered a similar situation‚ in which your life or the lives of your loved ones have come under threat due to the careless actions of a pet owner‚ contact the experienced Carlsbad injury attorneys at the Jurewitz Law Group. Our team can help determine what legal recourse you may have as well as what kind of compensation you may be entitled to receive. Call our office today at (760) 585-4640 for a free and confidential consultation.

The Cost

In a recent report‚ the LA Times dubbed California as “Dog Bite Capital of the United States‚” with insurance companies receiving over 1‚900 dog bite claims in 2013. That is the most in the entire country‚ topping well over $64 million in damages. By contrast‚ New York came in with a little over half of that with 965 bite reports. Then consider the fact that in 2012‚ 75 percent of all California dog-bite fatalities originated in San Diego County alone. Those are some staggering figures – but it fails to tell the whole story.

As any victim of a dog attack can attest‚ the price goes well beyond the physical and financial damages inflicted. Depending on the severity of the injury‚ those who survive a dog mauling are often left with debilitating fear and deep emotional wounds. Recovery can take months or years and lead to a permanent phobia of canines‚ no matter what their size. For those who have experienced the sudden death of a loved one‚ stemming from injuries sustained in a dog attack‚ the trauma may be all but permanent.

But there are options. If you or a loved one have been bitten by a dog in Carlsbad‚ no matter how big the animal or how severe the injury‚ you may be entitled to suitable compensation. The Jurewitz Law Group has helped many clients recover from a dog attack and return to their lives in full. Let us give you the support you deserve.

What Should I Do if I Have Been Bitten?

There are a number of rules and regulations regarding dogs in the city of Carlsbad. Under San Diego County Code (SDCC) Section 62.615 any person who has been bitten by a dog or is the owner of a dog that has attacked someone‚ by law must report the incident to the Department of Animal Services immediately; this is regardless of breed‚ size or demeanor. Additionally‚ anyone who has suffered a dog bite‚ regardless of severity‚ should seek out emergency medical care immediately. Due to the various pathogens and diseases present in dog bites‚ time can be of the essence. Finally‚ you should speak with a verified dog bite attorney in the city of Carlsbad to discuss your legal options.

At the Jurewitz Law Group‚ we’re committed to defending the rights of dog bite victims and holding those responsible to the highest letter of the law. While proving fault in a dog attack hosts a range of challenges and requires strong aggravating evidence‚ you can be sure that we will work tirelessly to make sure these demands are met. From obtaining eyewitness statements to securing hospital and police reports‚ we’ll be there every step of the way to ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation for your pain. Contact us today at (760) 585-4640 for more information about your rights and legal representation.

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