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Settlement: $15,000

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Felipe was driving northbound on Interstate 805 on-ramp from Market Street in San Diego. As he slowed his vehicle for a red traffic signal ahead, the driver behind him failed to slow down and rear ended Felipe’s vehicle. Our client was placed in full c-spine precautions and transported by ambulance to Sharp Memorial Hospital. He was diagnosed with multiple sprain/strains, tension headaches, and intervertebral disc disorder with radiculopathy. With our help, Felipe received full policy limits.

“They get the job done!”

 “After my accident, I was hurting physically and financially. But a friend referred me to Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers and they did an amazing job! They were very helpful and always returned my calls. Thanks to my attorney, Stacey O’Neill, now I can pay my bills!”

Felipe A.
San Diego, CA


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