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Jonathan was operating a golf cart that lacked proper tire traction, which caused the cart to tip over while maneuvering down a small and damp grassy slope. As a result, both of his legs were pinned under the cart and he suffered a tibial plateau fracture and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) displacement. Our office successfully helped Jonathan walk away with a six-figure settlement!

“Ross is a fighter!”

“I lost much of the strength in my leg after my accident, which meant I could no longer run or go hiking. I found good reviews of Ross Jurewitz online, so that’s why I chose him to handle my personal injury case. My emails were answered quickly, and I was treated respectfully.”

“Ross was great. Very professional and he believed in my case. I felt he was the best attorney to represent my case. Ross is a fighter!”

Jonathan R.
Carlsbad, CA


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