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Settlement: $15,000

Irvine Multiple Car Accident Review:  Tya H. Image

Tya was travelling northbound on Interstate 405 when she reduced her driving speed to a stop from the amount of traffic in front of her. The car directly behind her also safely stopped, but the next car did not causing a three car collision. As a result, Tya sustained injuries to her neck, shoulders, back and head.

“Highly Recommend.”

“Working as a surgeon was difficult after my accident because of my serious neck, back, and shoulder pain. I missed work and income. I found Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers on the internet and they were amazing! My attorney was always in constant contact with me. It’s a huge relief to be done with everything and I highly recommend them to my friends and family.”

Tya H.
Solana Beach, CA


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