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Settlement: $100,000

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LaCherlyn was driving northbound on Interstate 805 and slowed her vehicle for impeding traffic. Another driver that was two cars behind failed to slow down and caused a ripple effect of rear-end accidents that struck our client’s car with so much force that her car shut off temporarily. The at-fault driver had no insurance and left the scene of the accident, but other drivers were able to take done the license plate. As a result, LaCherlyn had injuries to her neck, shoulder, and back. Our office successfully won our client the maximum uninsured motorist policy limit.

“It’s a total relief knowing that financial burden won’t hurt my credit and reputation.”

“The pain from my accident strained my home life tremendously. Constant pain put strain on my marriage, limited my mobility and caused depression. I almost retired. Friends who have hired JLG before led me to them and they have helped me start a new chapter in life.”

“Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers would do everything in their power to ensure you get the best settlement in your case. All of them are great people. Ross was outstanding and very knowledgeable about the laws. It’s a total relief knowing that the financial burden won’t hurt my credit and reputation! Now emotionally I don’t have to think about any bills being paid!”

LaCherlyn K.
Chula Vista, CA


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