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My wife and I would give Jurewitz Law Group 100 stars if we could. Allen Leisorek and our case manager Josie exceeded our expectations and made sure we got what we deserved. Allen fought hard for us and went back and forth with the at fault insurance company to make sure we got everything coming to us. They kept us in the loop every step of the way and were always easy to contact (they contacted us so much I really had no need to call them). When other law groups made it seems like our case would be difficult, Allen and Josie stepped up to the plate and handled it with no problem. Dealing with them was not stressful at all, if anything they were a breath of fresh air. Their communication, effort, and time put in shows they truly care about you and will do whatever for you. I could write a whole book about how excellent Allen Leisorek and Josie were to my wife and I. ANY & EVERYBODY should contact them if needed. THANK YOU ALLEN & JOSIE

Malik B.


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