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John S. was driving on California 78 when a fast approaching vehicle driving in the opposite direction crashed head on with John. The force of the impact caused John’s airbags to deploy and was left with numerous injuries such as pain in his chest and left foot. Although the at-fault driver did not have a proper insurance policy, attorney Ross Jurewitz was still able to help John receive an appropriate settlement through an Uninsured Motorist Claim.

“I am Very Happy to be Finished.”

“The accident I went through really affected me. Since I have to support my family, I had to suffer with all of the pain from my injuries at home and at work.

Although I can never really recover from all the time I lost out on from the accident, it still feels good to be able to financially recover what I could.

The Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers did a good job on my case and even surprised me with tickets to the Chargers game!

I am very happy to be finished with wrapping up my claim and be able to move on from this.”

John S.
Tehachapi, CA


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