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Settlement: $25,000

Highway Accident Review:  Cinthya V. Image

Cinthya was driving on Interstate 5 and slowed down to traffic when she was rear-ended by the car behind her that also caused our client to rear-end the vehicle in front of her due to the impact. Our client was transported to the hospital and suffered a cervical sprain and contusions as a result of the collision. Our office demanded and won policy limits for Cinthya.

“Jurewitz Law group was the ONLY one that was able to take some time out of office to meet me at my house.”

“My accident left me unable to go back to work. My family life was suffering too. I chose JLG because they made me feel cared for. They always answered my emails in two hours or less, or called me back the same day. It was a big relief when my case was finally settled. I’m finally moving forward.”

Cinthya V.
San Ysidro, CA


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