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Freeway Accident Review: Breanna Y.

Breanna was driving northbound on California State Route 163 and slowed her vehicle for impeding traffic. Another driver that was two cars behind failed to slow down and caused a ripple effect of rear-end accidents that eventually caused our client to be rear-ended. Our client suffered pain to her neck, shoulders, back and numbness in her right arm and shoulder. We helped Breanna win the maximum policy limits from the at-fault party.

“Stacey always kept me well informed and truly wanted the best outcome for my case.”

“I was unable to sit down which kept me from working after my accident. After working with Stacey it’s a huge relief knowing that my Medicare bills are all paid for.”

“If I feel terrible in the future and need to go to the doctor, I am very happy that I have some money to help with any possible medical payments.”

Breanna Y.
Clairemont, CA


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