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Settlement: $44,050.00

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Steven was riding his bicycle north on Cabrillo Memorial Drive and the car that hit him was traveling south. The car intended to make a u-turn at the intersection of Ashburn Road. The driver noticed Steven on his bicycle but continued to make the u-turn, thinking she had plenty of space. However, the driver’s calculation of the distance between her vehicle and Steven were incorrect and she collided with Steven. As a result of the accident, Steven suffered from injuries to his right knee/leg and right shoulder. After the insurance company offered our client a settlement of $38,643.00, our office successfully fought to increase his deserved settlement to $44,050.00

“Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers is Amazing!”

“Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers took care of all the footwork so that I could recover without all the hassle of dealing with insurances and gathering medical records and billing.

I appreciated Ross for meeting with me at my home and explaining the process and Stacey for handling my case with much care and providing me with information in a timely manner.

I had a great experience as a client and they seem to take care of everything.”

Steven M.
North Park, CA


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