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Settlement: $6,000.00

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Andrew was walking home from work when he stopped at an intersection. Once the pedestrian signal changed, indicating it was okay to proceed, Andrew started to walk across the street. At that moment a vehicle started to make a left turn and, not seeing Andrew, collided with him. As a result of the accident, Andrew suffered from swelling, abrasions, and ecchymoses in his left knee. Our office was able to get Andrew enough to cover his reduced medical bills, loss of wages, and he walked away with the rest of the money in his pocket.

“Stacey O’Neill is the Homie!”

“I was tickled when I walked in for my consultation and my name was on the conference room door.

Stacey O’Neill is the homie! Not joking. She helped every step of the way and was very patient with me.

I’m happy to not deal with the insurance company anymore, which was the worst! Their office got it done.”

Andrew C.
Pacific Beach, CA


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