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Old Town Bicycle Accident Review: Quinn R.

Quinn was riding his bicycle through the intersection of Juan Street and Harney Street when he was hit by a van that was making a left-hand turn that failed to yield, pinning him. The van backed off and continued to turn left, fleeing the scene of the accident. As a result, he had right knee pain, injuries to his shin and ankle, and a twisted back and neck. To increase Quinn’s net settlement, we helped reduce his medical bills by over $9,600.

“Stacey made the difference for me.”

“My doctor referred me to JLG and they guided me the whole way. Moving on meant not worrying about bills. My attorney, Stacey, was a good business woman with a heart and kept others from hurting me and getting away with it. Stacey is well spoken and makes a point to explain everything in any manner needed. She made the difference for me, so I would recommend hiring her.”

Quinn R.
Mission Hills, CA


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