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Settlement: $5,750

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Berta O. was driving her car on a Vista freeway and began to slow down due to heavy traffic ahead. Soon after, a truck behind her failed to slow down and slammed into her vehicle from behind. As a result of the accident, Berta experienced dizziness, anxiety, and intense upper back pain. After thorough investigation and negotiation on behalf of Berta, our personal injury attorneys helped Berta win a $5,750 settlement award!

“I Now Have Peace of Mind”

“As a result of my accident, my back hurt a lot and I found it very difficult to work since I sit down for several hours throughout the day.

While at my chiropractor, Bloom Family Chiropractic, they spoke very highly of the Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers and that is why I choose them to handle my case.

I really appreciate all the hard work they did for me and I’m very grateful to Stacey and Bonny for handling my case in a very professional way and for keeping me updated throughout my case. I’m glad that it’s all over and that I now have peace of mind.”

Berta O.
Vista, CA


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