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Compensation for Serious Neck Injuries

Our necks are the conduit that delivers blood and electrical signals to and from our brains to our bodies. Neck injuries‚ even minor ones‚ can severely affect our health. Some of the most common injuries resulting from car accidents are neck injuries. While headrests‚ airbags‚ and other modern vehicle safety features can help prevent or lessen the severity of neck injuries‚ they still happen often.

If you or a loved one has suffered a neck injury in a motor vehicle accident‚ it is vital that you consult an experienced neck injury attorney. The Southern California offices of Jurewitz Law Group have successfully represented area vehicle accident victims for over 15 years. To get the qualified‚ aggressive‚ and skilled representation you and your family deserve‚ contact a San Diego catastrophic injury lawyer at Jurewitz Law Group.

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Types of Neck Injuries

Also known as cervical spine injuries‚ neck injuries come in different types and categories. They also occur with varying degrees of severity.

Soft Tissue Injuries

These are injuries to the muscles‚ tendons‚ and ligaments of the neck. They can include neck strains and neck sprains. Common symptoms of these injuries are stiffness‚ soreness‚ and muscle spasms.

Injuries to the Nerves and/or Spinal Cord

These are injuries to the nervous system and can be very severe. They include whiplash and whiplash associated disorders‚ herniated discs‚ and bulging discs. Whiplash and it’s associated disorders are caused by hyper-extension and hyper-flexion of the neck. These are commonly caused by a vehicle being rear ended.

Discs are made of cartilage and act as cushions between the vertebrae. A bulging disc happens when compression of the vertebrae causes the disc to flatten somewhat and bulge out the sides. A herniated disc is when the hard cartilage outer shell of the disc is ruptured and the soft inner cartilage leaks out.

Symptoms of these types of injuries include weakness‚ numbness‚ and tingling in the arms‚ dizziness‚ and disturbed sleep patterns.

Stinging and Burning Neck Injuries

These are named for the sensations they cause and include neck fractures. A neck fracture is the actual breaking or shattering of the cervical vertebrae. Symptoms for this type of injury include burning‚ stinging‚ numbness‚ weakness‚ or an electrical sensation in the arms‚ often accompanied by a sensation of warmth.

Cervical Dislocation

This occurs when a neck vertebrae gets pushed out of its normal position and creates spinal instability. In severe cases‚ the neck vertebrae may become fully displaced‚ rupturing the ligaments. Such cases usually require surgery to fix.

Spinal Cord Injuries

By far the most dangerous of all neck injuries‚ these occur when a fractured or dislocated vertebrae damages the spinal cord. These injuries can result in death‚ or partial or complete paralysis.

Contact a Neck Injury Attorney at Jurewitz Law Group for Assistance in San Diego

If you or a family member has suffered a neck injury in a motor vehicle accident‚ you must consult a skilled San Diego personal injury attorney. Neck injuries can significantly alter a family’s future‚ causing mounting medical bills and long term care issues. To protect your family’s future‚ call the San Diego offices of Jurewitz Law Group.

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