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    Legal Assistance for Victims of Elder Abuse

    As they get older‚ elders become more physically frail and less able to think and act rationally. In addition‚ they become less able to stand up to bullying or fight back if they are attacked. This makes the elder population susceptible to being manipulated and taken advantage of‚ mentally‚ physically‚ and financially.

    Tens of thousands of seniors across the United States-and in San Diego-are being abused by someone directly responsible for their care. More than half a million reports are made each year and many more go unreported.

    Where Does This Happen?

    It has become extremely demanding to care for an elder‚ and so‚ many older Americans are being cared for by others outside of their immediate family‚ either by hired help or in long-term care facilities or nursing homes. However‚ it most often occurs in the home‚ by adult children‚ grandchildren or spouses of elders.

    Types of Elder Abuse

    Elder Physical Abuse – Non-accidental use of force that causes an elder physical pain‚ injury‚ or impairment.

    Elder Emotional AbuseVerbal – intimidation through yelling‚ humiliation and habitual blaming and Non-Verbal psychological – ignoring‚ isolating from friends and activities‚ terrorizing.

    Senior Sexual Abuse – Sexual contact without elder’s consent; sexual acts‚ forcing the victim to watch pornographic material‚ or forcing an elder to undress are all considered abuse.

    Elder Neglect – Abandonment by caregivers to fulfill caretaking obligation. This includes ignorance or denial of proper care.

    Elder Financial Exploitation – Unauthorized use of an elderly person’s funds or property.

    Healthcare Fraud and Abuse – Healthcare fraud and abuse can be perpetrated by unethical doctors‚ hospital personnel‚ or other care providers. Healthcare fraud can take many forms, including overbilling, overprescribing medications, and others, so contact an experienced lawyer for help identifying this form of abuse.

    COVID-19 Illness and Death – If a nursing home failed to take the necessary and required precautions to protect your loved one from COVID-19 and they became ill or died as a result, contact our experienced attorneys right away.

    How Can I Tell if There is Elder Abuse?

    Look for signs of abuse. The general warning signs to look for if you suspect some kind of elder abuse are frequent arguments or tension between the caregiver and the elder and changes in the elder’s personality or behavior. Also look for physical signs of abuse‚ such as bruises‚ scars‚ or sprains. Look for unsanitary living conditions or drastic changes in the elder’s health. Keep an eye on the elder’s accounts. There are several other signs to look for if you suspect that there is abuse going on.

    Report Elder Abuse

    If you or someone you know is being abused‚ tell someone you trust and act immediately. In the U.S.‚ you can also call Eldercare Locator at (800) 677-1116.

    You should also contact a lawyer right away. The San Diego injury attorneys at Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers are trained at handling these kinds of situations. It is important that the abuser be brought to justice‚ and damages caused by the elder be compensated. Call us at (888) 233-5020 so we can ensure the safety of the victim and prevent others from being abused.

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