$19.1 Million Settlement

On August 2, 2017, a mother and daughter were killed while commuting home from work in La Mesa, California. The deaths occurred on State Route 125 near the intersection with Interstate 8 when a tractor-trailer swung violently to the left, crossed all lanes of traffic, crashed through the center median, crossed all lanes of opposing traffic, and hit two vehicles after crashing through a concrete barrier. The 57-year-old victim was a wife, the mother of three children, and the grandmother of 10. Her 29-year-old daughter was the wife of a man who had been on disability for more than 15 years and she was his primary caregiver. She was also the mother of two small children, ages 6 and 8.

San Diego’s Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers filed suit on behalf of the deceased women’s families against the truck’s driver and the trucking company that employed her. The suit alleged that the driver was negligent, and that the trucking company was vicariously liable for hiring unqualified and inexperienced drivers in order to save money.

During the course of litigation, the trucking company attempted to claim that the driver lost control of the vehicle not to her own negligence but due to mechanical defect in the truck that would not have been identified during any routine or required maintenance inspection. However, through our experts including accident reconstructionists, mechanics, trucking safety experts, and a metallurgist, we were able to show that any damage to the part was caused by the accident not through defect.

We represented almost all of the surviving family members and were able to secure a significant recovery for our clients reflecting the significant wrongdoing of the driver and her employer, including settlements for both minor children that will provide a guaranteed minimum of $9 million each over their lifetimes.

Initial offer from defendant: $6 million
Recovery: $19.15 million+

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