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San Diego Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyers

What is a Commercial Vehicle?

A commercial vehicle is any kind of vehicle that is used to the benefit of a company or business. The vehicle will generally be registered and insured under the company’s name‚ and not by an individual. A commercial vehicle could be a truck‚ car‚ van‚ semi-truck‚ limousine‚ taxicab‚ an Uber or other rideshare vehicle‚ or bus for example.

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Commercial companies are responsible for the careless conduct of their drivers and must pay for all the damages caused by the collision.

Who is Liable When a Commercial Vehicle Gets Into an Accident?

Of course‚ if you were the one responsible for the traffic accident‚ you will be the one who is responsible for paying damages. But what if the commercial vehicle is the at-fault party? In that case‚ the trucking company or business will be liable for your injuries. Even if the driver was the negligent person‚ the company will be the one who will cover your medical bills‚ loss of earnings‚ and pain and suffering. This bodes well for accident victims because the company or business generally has more money to pay a settlement than the individual employee.

How Can Our San Diego Vehicle Accident Lawyers Help?

The San Diego truck accident attorneys at the Jurewitz Law Group are experienced in handling these types of claims. In the past‚ we have been able to receive favorable settlements from the delivery companies for our clients’ personal injuries. If you or a loved one has ever been involved in an accident involving a commercial vehicle‚ please call our law office at (619) 233-5020 or (888) 233-5020 for a free consultation.

Accidents Involving Delivery Vehicles

Delivery companies frequently employ drivers to transport their packages to various locations. Most companies and drivers understand the rules of the road‚ and follow strict rules regarding driver safety. Unfortunately‚ there are many companies who do not care about traffic laws‚ and openly place the lives of other motorists in danger. It is the responsibility of the delivery company to hire capable‚ adequately trained‚ and cautious drivers who possess all the necessary licenses and qualifications. It is also their job to create a culture of safety‚ and properly educate drivers before they are allowed to start.

Drivers should also exercise a reasonable amount of judgment. Inexperienced‚ inattentive‚ and exhausted delivery drivers pose a major threat to other motorists‚ and delivery drivers should be sure that they are adequately trained and rested before attempting to operate a vehicle. The delivery company should also take the necessary steps to ensure that all of its vehicles are thoroughly inspected and safe to drive.

Product Liability (Faulty Delivery Vehicles)

As mentioned above‚ delivery vehicles should be thoroughly inspected by not only the delivery company‚ but the manufacturer of the vehicles. When an automaker releases a vehicle with faulty parts or one that has not been properly tested‚ it is unknowingly placing the lives of numerous individuals in danger. Each year‚ defective automobiles‚ both passenger and commercial‚ take the lives of motorists around the world‚ and vehicle recalls have become commonplace in recent times. If a defective commercial vehicle causes an accident‚ both the driver of the commercial vehicle‚ as well as the passenger in the other car‚ have a right to seek compensation.

The Role of Insurance Companies

If you are involved in an accident involving a delivery company‚ you will have to deal with their insurance company at some point. Contrary to what they may say‚ the delivery company’s insurance provider is not there to help you. Their primary goal is to avoid having to pay you the compensation you deserve‚ even though it was their policyholders fault. It is not uncommon for insurance companies to “lowball” accident victims and offer them an extremely small amount of money in hopes of avoiding litigation. Taking on an insurance company alone can be hard‚ and more than likely‚ you will need a legal professional on your side.

Commercial Vehicles vs. Privately-Owned Passenger Vehicles

In contrast to incidents involving passenger vehicles‚ cases involving commercial and delivery vehicles can take a considerably longer time to settle. This is because more than likely‚ the commercial company will have a team of lawyers and insurance experts on their side whose main goal is to avoid having to pay you for your injuries. In many cases‚ it can take years before an accident victim finally receives any type of compensation.

Get the Legal Guidance You Need to Win

If you have been hit by a delivery truck or any other type of commercial vehicle‚ you will need the help of the San Diego personal injury lawyers at Jurewitz Law Group. We know how to handle large insurance companies‚ and we aim to provide all of our clients with the legal guidance and advice they need to be victorious. Contact our law office at (619) 233-5020 to learn more.

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