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Holding Negligent Truck Companies Responsible for Accidents

At the Jurewitz Law Group‚ we’ve become all too accustomed to tracking down and holding negligent trucking companies responsible for violent truck accidents throughout San Diego. While many of these entities are reputable and uphold the standards of safety mandated by regulatory agencies‚ a fair amount shirk these duties and opt to take a chance on the lives of you and other motorists.

When accidents happen as a result‚ as they often do‚ we’re here to make sure these corporations are held liable and provide the kind of compensation you should expect for your injuries. Contact a San Diego accident attorney at the Jurewitz Law Group at (888) 233-5020 or (619) 233-5020 if you or a loved one has been injured in a trucking related accident. We provide an informative and comprehensive evaluation at no cost to you.

Avenues of Error

Truck accidents can result from a whole host of reasons. Did the driver fail to get enough sleep? Was it something within the mechanics of the truck itself? Did the cargo shift in such a way to create an unbalanced load? These and many more questions will come up following a wreck; but it is a safe bet in almost every case‚ fault can be traced back to the company responsible for the truck and the trucker’s behavior. While a trucker may be liable‚ and a truck may be faulty‚ it is up to the agency dispatching these machines onto the road to bear the burden of accountability. Some of the more common reasons we have encountered include:

Poor Hiring Practices & Training: In some instances a trucker’s failure on the road‚ as well as their responsibility for a wreck can be regulated to his or her own incompetence. However‚ if this person was hired with little to no background in truck driving or automotive schooling‚ the responsibility can be traced back to the company that hired them to begin with. Additionally‚ if a person who has a questionable background is provided little to no on-the-job training by the trucking agency‚ any subsequent wreck could fall on the company’s shoulder’s as well. Trucking corporations are required to use strict screening practices when hiring a new operator.

Poor Upkeep & Maintenance: If a truck malfunctions on the road at a high rate of speed carrying a significant weight‚ the results can be catastrophic. If this malfunction was the result of shoddy mechanic-work in the company garage or sub-standard upgrades by a miserly trucking agency‚ they could be liable for any damages caused by the dysfunctional rig.

Poor Adherence To Regulations: Trucking companies‚ truck drivers‚ mechanics and their vehicles all fall under heavily monitored federal and state commissions. Should a trucking company cut corners‚ or worse‚ force their employees to overextend themselves or their equipment‚ they are in flagrant violation of shipping codes and should be considered liable for their unsafe actions.

The Right of Way

If you have been grievously injured‚ traumatized or even had a loved one killed in a trucking related accident‚ give the San Diego big rig accident attorneys at Jurewitz Law Group a call today. Trucking companies and their partners are protected by massive insurance policies and legal departments‚ designed to give you the bum’s rush when it comes to a fair settlement – we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. With decades of experience taking on industry violators‚ we’ll make sure you are given the representation you need‚ the compensation you deserve and the justice you seek. Call (888) 233-5020 or contact us via our online form.

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