Those of you old enough to remember Jayne Mansfield probably know of her tragic demise. The silver-screen siren’s life ended in 1967 when she and two other adults were killed in an underride accident outside of New Orleans‚ Louisiana.

Because of their size, large trucks or 18-wheelers pose a number of unique threats to motorists on roads and highways across the nation. These types of vehicles naturally sit high off the ground leaving a large amount of clearance between the road and the undercarriage of the truck and trailer. Unlike these types of trucks, smaller commercial vehicles are low to the ground, and in the event of an accident can slide underneath the truck causing serious, life-altering injuries and even deaths. These types of accidents are called underride accidents and are one of the most common and most serious types of accidents between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles. In fact, over 400 people are killed and more than 5,000 suffer injuries due to underride accidents every year.

The majority of underride accidents between passenger vehicles and large commercial trucks or 18-wheelers happen when the vehicle hits the truck from behind before sliding underneath the trailer. For smaller vehicles, the clearance between the road and the bottom of the trailer is big enough for the vehicle’s hood to fit underneath the trailer, but not the car’s windshield and cab. Because of this, the passenger area can be crushed or sheared off as the vehicle is continually forced beneath the trailer, endangering the lives of everyone inside.

Underride accidents occur when a car rear-ends a tractor-trailer‚ and the front part of the car slides under the trailer. They can also occur when a tractor-trailer rear-ends a car‚ forcing the rear end of the car underneath the front of the truck. And they can occur from the side‚ if a car strikes the side of a trailer and goes underneath.

Underride accidents are often fatal. Even though underride accidents involve two vehicles, the consequences are anything but equal. Statistics estimate that over 70 percent of all fatalities in large truck accidents are passengers of the smaller vehicle. If you’ve lost a loved one in an underride accident‚ you may be eligible for compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit. Commercial truck accidents can be incredibly complicated to resolve, especially if multiple entities are liable. That’s why you need an experienced and aggressive attorney that specializes in San Diego truck accidents by your side. We will work day and night to get you the financial compensation you deserve to get through this trying time.

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While other law firms claim to care about you and your case or promise large settlements, the truth is, not all of them deliver. The aftermath of an underride truck accident can be a devastating and lonely time, especially if you require weeks or months of rehabilitation and are unable to go to work or take care of yourself. Attorney Ross Jurewitz and the legal team at Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers will treat your case like it’s our only case. We know the tricks and lies insurance companies use to avoid paying your settlement or to grossly underpay and we won’t stand for it.

With our team by your side, we’ll handle all negotiations with the insurance company to protect you from predatory and bad-faith practices, and won’t accept anything less than what you deserve.  Our team of aggressive and experienced attorneys prepares every case like it’s going to trial, and that’s why we can promise results. Along with offering a free consultation we also don’t charge you a penny unless we win. Call us today at (619) 233-5020 and see how we can change your life for the better and pull you out of this dark time.

ICC Bars

After Jayne Mansfield’s death‚ it was federally mandated that all large trucks be equipped with ICC bars‚ also referred to as “Mansfield bars” or underride guards. These devices are designed to keep the front of an automobile from sliding under the back of a trailer in a rear-end collision. While requiring trucks to have ICC bars is a step in the right direction‚ not all of the devices are effective in preventing underride accidents. Studies have shown that many ICC bars are too weak‚ or too poorly attached‚ to prevent underride accidents‚ even at speeds as low as 35 miles per hour.

ICC bars are also much less effective at preventing underride accidents when the car makes contact with only part of the bar‚ or at an angle. And‚ of course‚ ICC bars do nothing to prevent underride accidents that occur when a car hits the side of a trailer.

Wrongful Death Damages

All car accidents can cause serious injuries as well as fatalities, but truck accidents are especially gruesome. In fact, there are an estimated half a million accidents involving 18-wheelers or commercial trucks every year across the United States resulting in 5,000 deaths—98 percent of deaths occurring to someone in the passenger vehicle. A person is injured or killed in a truck accident every 15 minutes, a startling statistic.

If you’ve lost a loved one in an underride accident‚ you and your family may be able to seek the following damages from the trucking company or the manufacturer of its ICC bar:

  • Medical bills
  • Burial and funeral costs
  • Pain and suffering of the deceased before death
  • Loss of future income
  • Loss of future benefits‚ such as medical care and retirement
  • Loss of affection‚ love‚ companionship‚ guidance‚ etc.
  • Loss of household services the deceased performed‚ such as property and vehicle maintenance‚ bookkeeping‚ childcare‚ etc.
  • Punitive damages

Along with physical and emotional injuries, you shouldn’t also suffer financially. Take the first step in ensuring you avoid financial ruin following your accident by calling a San Diego truck accident attorney as soon as possible following your accident. 

Why You Need an Experienced San Diego Truck Attorney

Just because you file a lawsuit after being severely injured or losing a loved one in an underride truck accident due to the driver or someone else’s actions, there’s no guarantee you’ll recover the amount of financial compensation you truly need. The success of your claim depends greatly on who you have representing you and whether or not they have the skill, experience, and guts to take on the responsible parties and their insurance companies.

Trucking companies and truck manufacturers carry large insurance policies. Insurance companies don’t care about you and your family’s needs‚ they’re only concerned with making a buck. Claims adjusters are rewarded for getting people to accept payouts that are far less than they deserve.

An experienced legal professional will handle every aspect of your case and work round the clock to not only hold insurance companies accountable, but also investigate your accident and hold every single person or entity responsible. Truck accident lawyers will also help you do the following: 

  • Use the discovery process to collect evidence and information to determine whether the truck company, truck manufacturer, repair shop, government entity, and any other party was responsible and hold them accountable.
  • Handle all negotiations between lawyers and insurance companies.
  • Having a detailed knowledge of trucking industry laws and regulations so they can identify violations that may have caused your accident.
  • Guiding you through every step of the often complex legal process while simultaneously advising you on the most effective evidence you can gather to strengthen your claim.

Whether you are injured or lost a loved one in an underride accident, you can’t afford to go through this alone. This is a time of physical and emotional healing, and you shouldn’t have to worry about negotiating with insurance companies and navigating the complex legal process without an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer in your corner. Insurance companies will do everything in their power to avoid paying you. We know their tricks and won’t stand for it when it comes to your damages.

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