Injuries Caused by Gas Tank Explosions

San Diego is known for its pleasant year-round weather and beautiful beaches‚ and as such‚ thousands of visitors and its more than 1‚300‚000 residents travel on the city’s roads and freeways each day for work‚ play‚ and everything in between. With the large number of motorists on the roads in sunny San Diego‚ the chance of being involved in a traffic accident is greatly increased‚ and though an auto accident can be caused by a number of things‚ each may have similarly devastating results. One such cause of motor vehicle accidents is a defective auto part‚ and a particularly dangerous vehicle defect that may lead to severe damage and injuries is a gas tank explosion.

A gas tank explosion typically occurs either during‚ or soon after‚ an auto accident‚ and it frequently happens in cities that have a high rate of auto accidents. Though a gas tank explosion is not a common occurrence‚ when it does happen‚ it can be a very dangerous and life-threatening situation for not only the occupants of the car‚ but also those in the vicinity. The San Diego gas tank explosion lawyers of the Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers understand the serious impact of this type of accident and can obtain justice for victims harmed as a result of a defective vehicle part.

Devastating Consequences of a Gas Tank Explosion

A gas tank explosion is one of the more dangerous effects of an auto accident‚ and if a gas tank is ruptured during a collision‚ the fire and explosion that may occur as a result can injure those in the vehicle and anyone nearby in a matter of moments. A gas tank explosion can engulf the vehicle in flames‚ which can cause occupants of the vehicle or individuals close by to suffer from severe burns. In addition‚ permanent disfigurement and lost limbs may also be caused by a hazardous gas tank explosion.

The serious injuries that one may suffer in a gas tank explosion can undeniably mean an accident victim will have a lengthy recovery in addition to costly medical treatments needed to fully recover or cope with long-lasting injuries. Also‚ the financial stress is made worse by both lost wages‚ as well as the extensive‚ pricey property damage that is often associated with a gas tank explosion.

Who is Liable for the Accident?

Though a gas tank explosion is often triggered by a traffic accident‚ an explosion is often due to a defect with the actual gas tank which can be attributed to a negligent manufacturer. Product liability is an area of the law that allows consumers to obtain compensation from the negligent manufacturers of a product when they have been injured due to a product defect‚ and those injured in a dangerous gas tank explosion accident are legally able to file a claim against those responsible for the unsafe defect. There are several possible causes of a defective gas tank‚ including the gas tank being improperly located on the vehicle or improperly designed‚ or the failure of the manufacturer to warn vehicle owners of the dangers associated with the gas tank or its placement.

Overall‚ though there are different reasons a gas tank may be defective‚ an injured party is able to pursue legal action against the manufacturer or vehicle designer for the losses associated with a gas tank explosion. Compensation can be given for things such as medical expenses‚ vehicle repair‚ any pain and suffering endured as a result of the explosion accident‚ and other damages to help you meet financial responsibilities caused by the accident.

Getting the Support You Need to Recover

A gas tank explosion is one of the more exceptionally dangerous things that can happen in an auto accident‚ and if a person is fortunate enough to survive‚ they will likely face very serious injuries and an extensive recovery time. In addition‚ other challenges‚ such as the financial strain of an auto accident‚ can be obstacles an accident victim will face as they begin their journey to recovery and try to rebuild their life.

The San Diego auto product liability lawyers of the Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers understand the severity of a gas tank explosion accident and recognize the serious impact it can have on a person’s life. As such‚ our legal team is wholly committed to protecting the rights of consumers injured due to a negligent manufacturer and a defective part‚ and will work diligently to ensure you receive the compensation you need to heal. For a free consultation on your case‚ call (619) 233-5020 or (888) 233-5020.

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