Seeking Justice After a Drone Accident

Drones are remote-controlled‚ flying machines that are popular recreational toys‚ and real companies and organizations are increasingly using them for more serious purposes. The popularity of drones has exploded in recent years‚ but there have been cases involving personal injuries and the invasion of privacy by these robot-like devices. Very few laws have been drafted in regard to drone usage‚ especially in public places and near private residences‚ and if you have been injured or had your privacy invaded by a drone‚ you will need the help of a trained legal professional.

Obtaining Financial Compensation After a Drone Injury

Drones are frequently used to record footage at public events‚ and there have been cases of drones crashing into audiences‚ causing extensive injuries and property damage. It is the owner of the drone’s responsibility to ensure that it is safe to operate‚ and if you were injured‚ you may be eligible for financial compensation stemming from the issues listed below:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Current and future medical bills
  • Everyday living expenses (if your injury prevents you from working)
  • Emotional trauma
  • Other punitive damages

Whether you have a case will depend on the circumstances of your injury‚ as well as facts about the drone itself. During your case‚ you should hire a San Diego drone accident attorney to defend your rights and provide you with reliable legal advice. Attempting to file a claim yourself can be difficult and time-consuming‚ and without knowledge of the legal system‚ you will more than likely lose.

A Threat to Personal Privacy and Security

Drones also pose a serious threat to personal privacy‚ and there have been instances of drones spying on individuals and compromising security. Drones can be remotely operated by virtually anyone‚ and if a camera is attached‚ pictures and recorded footage of individuals and important information can easily be obtained. Some home and business owners have attempted to eliminate this threat by posting “no fly” signs on or around their properties‚ but if no one is around to enforce this rule‚ drones can still enter the property. Drones can be operated at window level‚ and most have the capability to fly over fences and trees.

Inexperienced‚ Inattentive‚ and Intoxicated Drone Operators

Drones can also be dangerous when used near crowded areas‚ and when used by an inexperienced or intoxicated operator. Drones are highly sophisticated devices that require the full attention of the operator at all times‚ and when an operator fails to provide this attention‚ the risk of disaster greatly increases. Drones should never be flown by inattentive individuals or individuals under the influence of an illegal substance.

Malfunctioning and Defective Drones

Malfunctioning‚ poorly constructed‚ and defective drones can also pose a risk to others. When a drone is first manufactured‚ it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure that it is safe to operate and market to the public. Unfortunately‚ some manufacturers choose to ignore this responsibility by producing and distributing drones without testing or inspecting them first. This can result in severe and even life-threatening injuries if a drone operator attempts to use a malfunctioning drone.

Understanding Your Rights After a Drone Accident

The law regarding drones is relatively vague‚ and at times‚ confusing. If you have been injured by a drone of any type‚ an experienced San Diego personal injury lawyer can help you better understand your rights. Here at Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers‚ we will do everything in our power to help you get compensation and justice after a drone injury. Get in touch with our law firm today by calling (888) 233-5020.

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