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    Premises Liability Claim: What You Need to Know

    It can happen anywhere. You’ve tripped or slipped and hit the ground pretty hard. Like most people‚ you probably thought nothing of it at first. After all‚ everyone takes a spill once in awhile. But‚ over time you began to realize something was definitely wrong. The pain may have started in your lower back. Or perhaps you began to notice a tingling or numbing sensation in one of your limbs. Whatever the case may be‚ your innocent trip or slip has turned into a serious injury fall.

    Of course‚ you may be asking yourself – “Yes‚ but what can I do about it?”

    Depending on the kind of slip and fall you suffered‚ you may be able to take legal action. But this depends on whom the responsible party is and what they did to cause you to slip in the first place. To determine that‚ you’re going to need legal help. That is where the Encinitas slip and fall attorneys at Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers can help you.

    For over a decade‚ we have been helping people just like you get the help they deserve after a serious fall. If you have been injured in a trip or slip in Encinitas‚ call us at (888) 233-5020 today.

    What is Negligence?

    You may gave heard the word “negligence” at one point or another in your lifetime. It may have been in the news‚ on a television show‚ or even part of your insurance policy. Generally speaking‚ negligence refers to kind of disregard or carelessness found in legal matters. So‚ if an individual is found “negligent” that means they did not provide the standard of care expected of them in a given situation. This can happen just about anywhere – from behind the wheel of a car to under the knife in an operating room.

    In regards to slip and fall accidents‚ negligence often refers to the conditions that led up to the accident. Broken sidewalks‚ slippery aisle ways‚ and icy staircases are just a few examples of this kind of carelessness. In such situations‚ the owner of the building or the manager of the property could be considered negligent. They can be responsible for whatever damages may happen. The word “liable” is also used to describe these kinds of cases as well. Landlords and property owners can be found “liable” if someone gets hurt because they failed to keep hallways clear‚ sidewalks swept‚ or parking decks mopped up.

    Call our Encinitas Slip and Fall Lawyers Today

    Don’t wait.

    Slip and fall claims demand fast action. The longer you take to file the more difficult it can become to prove negligence. Evidence can disappear or be cleaned up‚ property owners can disappear‚ and witnesses can move away. Call to let the Encinitas injury lawyers at Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers begin researching your claim before it’s too late.

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