Representation for Victims of Open and Closed Head Injuries

Have you or a family member suffered an open or closed head injury due to another’s reckless actions or wrongdoing? Do not wait any longer to take legal action. Head injuries can have devastating‚ irreversible consequences and you deserve to have justice and rightful compensation as soon as possible. Contact the San Diego personal injury attorneys at Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers immediately to discuss your circumstances and gain the aggressive legal representation and compassionate guidance you need for the road ahead.

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Symptoms of Open and Closed Head Injuries

Both open and closed head injuries can cause significant‚ life-threatening brain damage that can severely alter the emotional‚ physical and mental abilities of the survivor. In the event of permanent disability‚ for example, ‚ not only must the family contend with enormous change and loss‚ but also the financial burden of assistive devices‚ rehabilitation and continuing medical care.

Open head injuries happen when an object cracks or penetrates the victim’s skull‚ damaging specific parts of the brain tissue. The symptoms will depend on the area of the victim’s head that has been injured as well as the severity of the penetration. Survivors often experience infections‚ such as meningitis‚ impaired cognitive abilities‚ dementia‚ paralysis‚ and coma.

Closed head injuries‚ on the other hand, ‚ happen when the victim’s head is struck on a hard surface‚ causing brain swelling‚ nerve damage‚ bruising, and skull fractures. This is also the most common cause of concussions‚ which shake the victim’s brain within the skull. Survivors may experience blurred vision‚ dizziness‚ headaches‚ loss of consciousness‚ and mild to severe mental‚ physical and emotional impairment.

How Can I Obtain Compensation?

Whether minor or severe‚ if you or a family member has sustained head trauma as a result of someone else’s carelessness or willful wrongdoing‚ you are entitled to recover financial compensation from the at-fault party. By filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim against the responsible party‚ you may be reimbursed for the varying economic and non-economic damages you have suffered.

It is crucial to speak with an experienced San Diego brain injury lawyer to discuss your options as soon as possible. The medical bills and other costs that often follow an open or closed head injury can quickly become overwhelming. Additionally, insurance companies are infamous for attempting to minimize or outright deny a rightful injury claim for their own profit. A skilled lawyer will be able to handle the accident investigation as well as the necessary negotiations with the insurance companies involved in your case on your behalf.

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