San Diego Drunk Driving Car Accident‚ Soft Tissue Injuries

$86‚000 Settlement

Our client was stopped at a red light waiting to turn into the Marine Corps Recruiting Depot in San Diego when a drunk driver‚ who had been drinking for several hours while watching NFL football games at a Gaslamp bar‚ sped down Pacific Highway and turned onto Barnett Avenue in his Mercedes Benz SL 500. In addition to driving drunk‚ he was also subject to distracted driving as he was playing with his cell phone to make a phone call and his car stereo. While he was not paying attention‚ he drove his Mercedes into the back of a Nissan which was then pushed into the back of our client’s vehicle.

This major San Diego drunk driving auto accident brought out the security detail from MCRD as well as local residents in military housing. Our client was five months pregnant at the time and was crying for help and worry for her baby‚ fearing that it had been injured in the traffic collision. As bystanders attended to our injured client and the woman in the Nissan‚ the drunk driver tried to escape the scene by running through the military housing. He shed his football jersey in the process before being tackled by residents and held until the San Diego police could arrive. He was charged and prosecuted for felony DUI causing serious injury‚ to which he ultimately plead guilty.

Our client was taken via ambulance to the hospital where she was examined and held overnight to monitor the fetus. She could not receive an MRI or xrays due to the danger that radiation would cause to her baby. Following the hospital stay‚ she could not seek medical treatment immediately because she did not have health insurance. After meeting with the Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers‚ she was able to get help through an orthopedic doctor‚ physical therapist‚ and neurosurgeon for chronic pain in her neck and back. She was not a surgical candidate‚ so she had to rely on physical therapy for her treatment for her soft tissue injuries.

After submitting a demand package to the drunk driver’s insurance company and receiving a ridiculously low offer‚ the Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers filed a lawsuit against the at-fault party and was close to trial when this case settled just after taking the deposition of the drunk driver.

Recovery: $86‚000

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