$100‚000 Policy Limit

The Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers represented a young woman who was struck in her head and knees by her car door and trapped in the doorway awaiting the paramedics following a chain reaction car accident where the defendant driver struck a tree and three cars‚ pushing one car into our client’s car door. The San Diego pedestrian accident occurred in a parking lot. She suffered from chronic and persistent neck complaints that doctors had difficulty diagnosing. No significant objective findings were indicted on the cervical MRI.

Prior to trial‚ our office retained a pain management doctor to examine and treat our client. He diagnosed her with cervical facet joint syndrome which impacted her medial nerve and caused her to suffer from weakness in her left arm and neck. He provided her with a facet nerve block which alleviated her symptoms and provided her with pain relief for the first time in two years.

Despite the evidence that the treatment was successful‚ the insurance company for the driver continued to treat the injury as a soft tissue injury and only offered $6‚500 one month before trial. However‚ due to our hard work and persistence‚ the Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers was able to obtain a settlement the day before trial of $100‚000–their insured’s policy limits.

Recovery: $100‚000 (Policy Limits)

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