If you have suffered an injury‚ the most important thing you can do to help your San Diego personal injury attorney is to recover to the extent that you are able. The law requires that you do what you can to “mitigate your damages.” In other words‚ you are required to do what you can to improve your condition and recuperate.

Make sure that you follow the advice of your treating doctor and maintain all appointments with him or her. Stay in touch and keep him or her apprised of all updates to your condition. If you fail to appear and the doctor’s records say “no show,” that can be used against you later on in your lawsuit. Additionally‚ attend all physical therapy sessions you are prescribed. These sessions may help you recover more quickly‚ especially if you have suffered “soft tissue” injuries such as strains or sprains. If you must cancel‚ try to give as much notice as possible‚ but otherwise show up for every appointment.

Be sure to follow your doctor’s advice‚ whether it is regarding medication‚ therapy exercises‚ or refraining from doing certain things. If you disobey your doctor’s orders‚ that can be used against you at settlement or at trial. If your doctor tells you to say home from work or take some time to rest‚ make sure you do so‚ as it will help speed along your recovery. Taking time off work may be a financial hardship‚ but it is more important that you try to recover from your injury. Your San Diego personal injury attorney will try to recover lost earnings from the time you were unable to work.

If you have more questions about how to proceed with a personal injury claim‚ contact San Diego personal injury attorney Ross Jurewitz today for a free evaluation.

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