Hit-and-run accidents are all too common in San Diego. Drivers who fear that they will face citations, fees, fines, criminal charges and civil litigation often flee the scene of the crash instead of obeying the law and remaining at the crash site. If the car that struck you has sped away, there are steps you can take to protect your rights and best interests.

First, you must get yourself out of harm’s way. Try to get off the road without injuring yourself further. You should then call the authorities. You should write down everything you remember about the vehicle that fled before you forget. Write down the color, make, model, if it was a two- or four-door, what direction it was headed, any parts of the license plate you remember and if it had any distinguishing features.

These types of clues could help the authorities track down the driver. If there were other eyewitnesses at the scene, get their contact information as well. If there are any surveillance or security cameras around, you may be able to obtain footage of the accident, which may be useful to strengthen your case. Make sure you get prompt medical attention and care.

If the at-fault driver is tracked down and arrested, you can file a claim against him or her in court. However, not all hit-and-run drivers are apprehended. Many evade arrest leaving their victims without legal recourse. If the hit-and-run driver responsible for your injuries is not apprehended, your best option may be to pursue support from your own insurance provider – through the uninsured motorist clause of your policy. Contact an experienced San Diego personal injury attorney to obtain more information about pursuing your legal rights.

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