San Diego may be known for its beautiful beaches and great weather, but driving on San Diego roads would make anyone reconsider whether hurricanes or tornadoes do exist in San Diego and if it just passed from road to road.  It is no surprise that San Diego is ranked as one of the 10 worst cities in America for potholes.  It’s so bad, there’s even an I Hate San Diego Potholes Facebook page.

In recent weeks, the general public has raised concerns on the large amount of potholes in San Diego and the urgent need for the city to improve the road for vehicle drivers, motorcyclists, and other road users.

According to Councilmen Mark Kersey, chair of San Diego’s infrastructure committee, the city is finally trying to fix roads that Kersey says should have been dealt with years ago.  Infrastructure is the leading issue in San Diego and the infrastructure committee is currently creating a five year plan to reorganize all the structural and road repairs that need to be done, with potholes as a high priority.

For that annoying pothole that comes to mind or noticed while driving, Kersey strongly encourages the public to report it online or by phone to the city of San Diego to get it fixed as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, repairing all the potholes won’t be done overnight.  San Diego drivers, motorcyclists, and others on the road will still be faced with the potential danger of a tire blowout, collision after losing control, vehicle damage, injury, and/or more.  If deep enough, going over a pothole can cause the same amount of force equal to an accident at 35 miles per hour!

It is common for many drivers to feel powerless after driving over a pothole, which may have caused injury and/or damage.  Be empowered by finding out your legal rights from the San Diego hazardous roadway accident attorneys at Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers that will help you recover medical and/or mechanical expenses from the at-fault parties involved.  For a free case evaluation, call (888) 233-5020.

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