In other parts of the country‚ with warmer weather‚ many choose to leave behind their everyday vehicle and enjoy the freedom of a motorcycle.  Here in San Diego‚ the weather is usually nice enough for a ride.   I understand the desire to ride a motorcycle as I too enjoy a nice summer day on a bike‚ but as a San Diego motorcycle accident attorney and personal injury lawyer I am also familiar with the grave risk motorcyclists subject themselves to daily.

With only a thin piece of material between themselves and the road it is no shock that bikers are 16 times more likely to die in an accident than other motorists. Some question why anyone would ever jump on a bike with these types of risk‚ but any biker will tell you the freedom and savings in gas outweigh the fear.

There are many different factors contributing to motorcycle accidents- potholes and road construction pose difficult for riders. Weather conditions also pose more of a threat while on a bike- imagine driving your car without windshield wipers in a sudden rain storm and without a sun visor when the sun is glaring. These difficulties that bikers encounter are easy to navigate through after a rider has attended a motorcycle training school. These courses teach the ropes of the road- how to navigating adverse weather and road conditions and protecting yourself from becoming a victim of a self-created accident. They also help riders learn to avoid collisions due to the inattention of other motorists by teaching the art of strategic avoidance. Sadly‚ in spite of the benefits of rider training 92% of bikers involved in accidents did not undergo formal training and instead relied on self taught skills or those learned from friends or family.

Just as with driving any vehicle proper training is essential to accident prevention‚ however‚ falling victim to an accident is always a possibility. If a motorcycle accident does occur there is information to help you through the process.

Seattle motorcycle accident lawyer‚ Jason Epstein provides the information you need in case you are involved in a motorcycle accident. You can find more information in the book: The Truth About Washington Motorcycle Accidents. This book is FREE to Washington residents at the link above.

If you were involved in a motorcycle collision please do not wait to contact an attorney. If you are located in the San Diego or Southern California area please contact my injury accident law offices. If you are in the Seattle area‚ contact Seattle motorcycle accident lawyer‚ Jason Epstein.

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