Every parent sends their child off to school and fully expects them to be in a safe environment. But deep down, every parent also dreads that phone call from the school, informing them that their child has been hurt. Many possible hazards are overlooked, so parents should take the time to recognize some of the potential risks that schools possess.

Slip and Fall Accidents: Just as in many workplaces, schools are not immune to the leaky pipe or the neglected spill in the hallway. It’s possible your child leaves his locker, heads off to math class, turns a corner, then BAM. In an instant he can slip on a pool of water from a busted water fountain, land hard on the floor, and hurt his back or even his skull. This could be a life-altering injury, and it is the school’s responsibility to make certain that kids are safe in the hallways.

Sports Injuries: Every parent is aware of the risk to their child who plays competitive sports. A contact sport — such as football, basketball, and wrestling — has an implied danger of a broken bone or torn ligament. But there are also other risks that aren’t as obvious such as heat stroke, which can occur when a child’s body temperature gets too high and they haven’t been properly hydrated. Also, infectious diseases can be shared via sweat and blood when kids are in competitive contact regularly. It is important that schools have properly trained coaches who can recognize some of the more subtle signs of danger to the kids.

Cafeteria Food Poisoning: Many schools in recent years have taken a healthier approach to what was once the uninspiring school cafeteria. But despite these advancements, accidents can occur. Recently, in a San Diego school, 22 elementary school-goers came home ill, suffering from nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pains. It appears that the children drank a beverage that had gone bad. Parents should be aware that carelessness in the cafeteria can pose a threat to their child, and schools should be up-to-date on their health and safety inspections required by state law.

These are just a few potential risks that parents may fail to notice in their child’s school. Of course accidents will occur, but the safety of your children should be the chief concern of the school they attend. If your child has been injured at school due to negligence, you should seek legal assistance. Call the Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers at (888) 233-5020 today and schedule a free consultation.

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