Negligent driving is a huge concern and the cause of thousand of injuries and the loss of many lives on California roads.  The reckless attitude of some drivers is one of the prime causes of auto accidents throughout the State. These auto accidents not only harm the reckless driver but also other innocent people. To monitor driving and thereby reduce accidents‚ the California State Assembly has passed a bill on May 17‚ 2010‚ that would allow video recorders to be installed on vehicles’ dashboards.

The two major challenges in implementing the law are that current California law prohibits dashboard devices that may obstruct a driver’s view and video recording raises concerns about drivers’ privacy.

The companies that hire teams of commercial drivers support this bill as it will allow them to ensure their employees are driving safely. Also‚ the cameras will prove helpful in investigations to determine fault in an accident.  The devices can record the vehicle’s speed‚ how and where it travels‚ whether the driver was wearing a seatbelt‚ and whether the brakes were applied before the accident.  It has been established that companies that use the recorders have reduced their accident claims by 80 percent. Parents of teenagers are also big supporters of these devices.

However‚ there are many privacy concerns such as when the records will be installed and must be installed according to the law.  As the ACLU spokesperson states‚ “It’s one thing if you’ve got your teenager in the car…but it’s a different thing if it’s…an adult.” The ACLU also has concerns about monitoring employee drivers and is seeking protections to allow employees to opt out of being recorded while driving.

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