McDonalds Slip and Fall CaseIn 2007‚ Virginia resident Mercilla Lindor fell outside a Massachusetts McDonald’s during some nasty weather. She broke her foot and was immediately transported to a nearby hospital.

Lindor took the case to court‚ but a judge dismissed her complaint at the request of the fast food chain on the grounds that property owners could not be held liable for acts of nature. It was a slap in the face to Lindor‚ who was held to blame for the slip-and-fall accident.

The clerk recorded the judge’s order on July 28‚ 2010‚ 6 days after he issued it (July 22‚ 2010). (Note: According to Massachusetts law‚ a ruling is official when a clerk dockets it.)

In a July 26‚ 2010‚ ruling (between July 22 and July 28)‚ the SJC flipped the state’s law on landlord responsibility‚ ordering that property owners are responsible for protecting lawful guests from natural hazards‚ especially on commercial property.

Shockingly‚ with some lucky legal timing and a favorable decision made today by the state Supreme Judicial Court‚ Mercilla Lindor can now proceed with a lawsuit against McDonald’s Restaurant of Massachusetts.

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