Whether the playground is in your backyard or in a public place, playground safety is key to protecting the health and wellbeing of children this summer. While every experienced San Diego child injury attorney has helped families with playground accident injury cases, all attorneys hope that children never need such help because they never face such injuries.

If you’re taking your own children or children you care for to the playground this summer, consider the following safety tips:

  • Have an adult present. Children should never play on playgrounds without adult supervision. Adults should watch for possible hazards, keep an eye on children, and intervene when necessary to prevent accidents or help children who find themselves in predicaments.
  • Keep children on age-appropriate equipment only. Not all playground equipment is appropriate for all children. Toddlers and very young children should be supervised closely on equipment that is the right size and design for their age.
  • Do not play where the ground is unsafe for falls. Wood fiber or mulch, pea gravel, sand, and rubber mats or surfaces help break falls and reduce injuries. Avoid asphalt or concrete, grass, packed dirt, and rocks.
  • Check equipment for loose parts. Loose, rusted, or missing bolts, screws, hooks, and chains can all pose a risk of injury, especially if they break or give way while children are playing. Look over equipment to catch obvious problems. In wood equipment, check for splinters or rotten areas as well, and stay alert for signs of insect nests that may cause injuries.
  • Check the temperature. Metal equipment and dark surfaces heat up quickly in the sun. Check the temperature of playground equipment before allowing children to play on it.
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