Twitter LogoDid you know that all the personal information that you put up on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter is logged into a database and can be accessed by any organization for a low monthly rate? We all have been told that privacy doesn’t exist on the internet, so why are we surprised when it comes back and slaps us in the face?

When you file a claim with the insurance company, the first thing they do is try to attack your credibility as an applicant. They look for holes in your medical records, pull up your entire driving record, and even look up pictures and posts on your Facebook that they can use to discredit your case.

We, at the Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers, always advise our clients to take down their social networking profiles during their case, but many of us are too attached to give that up. We understand.

So, if you’re going to keep your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or even eHarmony account, we are offering the following suggestions to keep the insurance adjustor away from your profile.

During Your Personal Injury Case, Never…

  • Allow anyone to become your “friend” on a social networking site unless you know that person and trust them.
  • Post revealing photos or video of yourself, and ask that your friends refrain from doing so.
  • Write anything about yourself that you wouldn’t want to opposing party to bring up in court.
  • Send emails or texts to anyone except your attorney about your case.
  • Participate in online discussions about your case, including blogs, chat rooms, and message boards.
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