San Diego Pedestrian AccidentYoung children are fascinated by cars, trucks, and other vehicles. However, they are too young to understand the dangers of getting too close to a vehicle. Meanwhile, even careful drivers might not see a small child in one of a vehicle’s “blind spots.”

How can you help keep kids safer in the driveway? Consider the following four tips:

  • Walk around your car before getting in. This helps you make sure there are no children, pets, or other obstacles in the immediate area.
  • Consider making the driveway “off limits” for playing. If you have sufficient yard space, consider making a rule for children that they may not play in the driveway.
  • Designate a “safe spot” for kids to stand whenever someone is coming into the driveway, pulling out, or moving a vehicle. Teach kids that their job is to stand in the safe spot until an arriving vehicle has parked and turned off, or until a leaving vehicle has started down the street.
  • Hold the hands of young children when they approach or leave a vehicle, when they enter the driveway, and when they are walking on sidewalks or along the road. Teach children to assume that the driver of a car cannot see them and to always be aware of vehicles in the area.

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