Ross Jurewitz‚ a San Diego personal injury attorney with the Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers‚ answers your question‚ “Should I hire a lawyer to help me with my injury claim?”  The answer is‚ “maybe”. For a small case where there is very little property damage and your medical bills will be less than $2‚500 before you are healed‚ then the answer is “No.” If your case is more serious‚ you would be better off hiring a personal injury lawyer to help you with your case.

General Personal Injury Questions

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Call our San Diego personal injury lawyersHave you been injured in an accident in San Diego or anywhere in California and don’t know what to do next? We are here to help and provide you with the important and relevant information you need to make an informed decision about:

  • How to handle your personal injury claim
  • Who is the right injury accident attorney to help you with your case‚ and
  • Whether you even need to hire a lawyer to help you with your insurance claim

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